Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blaine, Washington August 21, 2013

We bought the panel for the quilt on the wall. A pattern is supposed to be on line.

 Monday we visited a few of the quilt stores in the area. We also went to Costco and Walmart for a few things we needed. I also went to a hardware store to get some of the things I needed to do the repairs on the trailer.

 We HAD to stop and pick some more Black Berries. They are big and very good. Cindy made a Black Berry pie that is so delicious. Other than that, we just kind of hung out. It feels good to stop and rest sometimes.

Tuesday I got most of my repairs finished on the trailer. I got the Cable replaced, the broken shelf put back in, and some of the tar off the fiver. Even with the tar remover it still is a lot of work to get all the tar off.

Washing some of the BC dirt off.

In the afternoon we went driving around some of the country roads. We found a little stand that had fresh corn and vegetables. We bought some corn and had it for dinner last night. It was sweet and tasted excellent. We also found a place that had Blueberries. The farmers seem to trust people that they will pay, as there was no one there, but there was a lock box where you just put in the money. If it works, great.

Of course we had to stop and get more Black Berries, but we won’t get any today, because Cindy over did and her back is bothering her a lot this morning. We plan on going to see more quilt shops today, which reminded me of an email I got from Cindy when she was working. It read “I am a stable quilter, and I need help. Stash, Total, Accumulation, Beyond, Life, Expectancy”. I’m sure if some of you are quilters you can relate.  I know we don’t need any more fabric, but it is fun to see some of the new prints that are out. Besides we need to help build Cindy’s stash. LOL (Cindy says I'm just as bad, and it's probably true).    Cindy's Comment ---- Ray is worse than I am!!!!

After all the driving, it has been relaxing to just hang out for a while. Thanks for visiting

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