Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sequim, Washington August 24, 2013

Yesterday we were kind of lazy. We did go to one yard sale and I found some books for what I was willing to pay. Other than that we picked some more Black Berries. We needed some to eat for the next few days.

Big delicious Black Berries.

Today we left the Beachwood RV Park and drove to Sequim to the Diamond Point RV Park. It is not anywhere as large as the last park, but they seem to have more going on for the guests. Tonight we are going to a pot luck dinner.

One of the old buildings.

Coming into the ferry terminal

On the way here we saw lots of beautiful scenery. I had decided, with the help of my GPS, to take the ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend. The actual ferry ride was about one half hour. Because we are so long and tall, Almost 58 feet and a little over 13 feet high, They charge the truck rate. I reserved the ride on Thursday night, and the price is $78.00 with 2 people. It saved about 150 miles of driving and probably 3 hours of driving. I would have been paying for about $60.00 worth of fuel, so I thought it would be worth the price. We had to be at the ferry terminal at least one half hour early, but I had no idea how long it would take to drive there, so we were an hour early. The actual loading, the ride over, and the unloading went without any problems. We were the second to load, so we were among the first to unload, so getting there early helped.

The drive from the ferry terminal to the RV Park took about 1/2 hour and by then the sun had tried to come out. We got to see more of the beautiful scenery. One day next week, we will drive back to Port Townsend to see some of the old buildings, and visit some quilt stores.

Our truck on the ferry.

Outside of Port Townsend.
Looks a lot like Alaska, but wasn't as bad.
I guess it's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it. Thanks for visiting.


  1. If you want to eat lunch out when you go to Port Townsend, I'd suggest the Belmont Hotel. I had a delicious open-faced crab and artichoke sandwich when I visited there. :)

  2. Blackberries! Wonderful, delicious blackberries! So far, we have picked and picked...we made a pie and have frozen enough for 3 more pies!