Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beachwood RV Resort, Washington August 22, 2013

Yesterday we drove to the town of Lynden, Washington. We went to McDonald's to post and look at the internet. While Cindy was checking out quilt patterns, I went to the hardware store to find a knob to put on our screen door. There were two hardware store not far from each other, and I found what I wanted in the second one.

This is inside Tangled Threads.
I went back to Mickey D’s and got Cindy and drove to one of three quilt store in the Lynden area. The first one was a cute little shop in what we decided later was her walk out basement. The name of it is Folktales. Cindy found a pattern to use more scraps, and bought it. The second store was called Tangled Threads Quilt Shop. The owner and her husband were both there and were very nice to talk to. They have a sale day on Thursday and we may go back today.

The third store, Calico Country, was very ornery to Cindy about taking pictures. I felt like she could have been nicer about asking that she not take picture than she was, and because of her, Cindy turned around and left without even looking at her shop.

Beyond the little spit of land, you can see Canada.

 On our way back to the campground, we went sightseeing along the bay. At one point we could see a large town in Canada very clearly.

A neat shot of this mountain.

There was also a spot where Cindy got a picture of one of the large mountains in Northern Washington. It looks kind of neat above the mist.

Along Birch Bay, we saw where all the small boats were sitting on the mud because the tide was out. The other day when we drove past this same spot, all the small boats were floating, but the water wasn't very deep. It looked like when the tide goes out the ocean is a long way from shore. Some of the people were a long way out playing on what would have been under water when the tide is in.

It was a nice sunny day yesterday and today looks like more of the same

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