Friday, August 2, 2013

Anchorage, Alaska August 2, 2013

This morning, after a trip to The Moose is Loose for apple fritters, we left Soldotna and headed to Anchorage. Cindy couldn't get over all the Fireweed that was blooming everywhere. When she hurt her back, there weren't any in bloom, and now they are everywhere. The thing she heard was that when the blossoms reached the top, it was time to head south. As we went over the hills a lot of the Fireweed is blooming clear to the top, so maybe it is time to consider going south. We are going to Valdez first before heading for Washington.

Cindy was fairly comfortable traveling today, but a few of the bumps caused her to cringe. She does seem to be getting better, but it is still a ways to go before she is fully recovered. She did take a lot of pictures today, and I hope you enjoy some of them.

After we got to Anchorage and got checked into the Golden Nugget RV Park, we had a few things we wanted to get done. First we went to Costco and bought a few things. Next stop was Wal-Mart for one of Cindy’s prescriptions. After that we had to go to a fabric store to get some fabric for a quilt Cindy has been sewing by hand while we drive. She wanted to go to the Pfaff store to see if they had one of the embroidery patterns she wanted. They didn't have it, but told her where to find it on-line.
Next I had to go to the gas station to fill the truck. I had put 20 gallons of diesel in the truck in Soldotna, and haven’t filled it for 1700 miles. I got about 12.5 miles per gallon average and had to put in $465.00 worth of fuel. The diesel here in Anchorage is $4.11 per gallon. They were charging $4.54 in Soldotna. I put an extra 91 gallon tank in the truck, and am glad I did because I can sometimes go far enough to get fuel for a more reasonable price. I’m afraid that Anchorage will be the last fairly reasonable fuel for a while.

Tomorrow we are headed toward Valdez and will be seeing new, to us, territory. We probably will only drive about halfway, and have no idea where we will stay tomorrow night.

The mountains after leaving Soldotna.

Fireweed everywhere.

Still snow on the mountains.

Large fields of Fireweed.

A view of Portage Glacier.

The tide was out in Turnagain Arm.

Some of the mountains by Anchorage.

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