Thursday, August 29, 2013

Diamond Point Resort August 29, 2013

Look how cloudy it is.
Today was another rainy day. I don’t have much to report because we just took it easy today. We did go to the John Wayne Marina to see it. It is so named because John Wayne donated the land to the city of Sequim. There were lots of sail boats there. There is also a lot of beautiful scenery. Being from a state that has lots of desert, it sure is different here. This part of the state brags that they only get 16 or 17 inches of rain per year, but the humidity is high enough to keep most of it green. For so little rain, we seem to have gotten our share.

I haven’t mentioned it before, but the name Sequim is pronounced Skwim. It is an Indian word. Both Cindy and I thought it was an interesting pronunciation.

After the Marina we stopped at the local Casino so Cindy could get picture of the totem poles. 

Tomorrow we are going to the Escapees Park in nearby Chilacum. They won’t take reservations, so we don’t know if we can get to stay or not. It is only about 20 miles from where we are, so if they don’t have room, we will head further south toward where we have our next reservation. All the Coast to Coast parks won’t let us come in till next Tuesday. After our next reservation, we are headed toward Portland. (To shop at Fabric Depot, one of the nations largest fabric stores.)

Right now our plans are up in the air. Cindy’s mother is in the hospital. And because of her age, we may have to go home earlier than we had planned. Another thing we have going on is: our daughter wants to build a house, and need a General Contractor. I may have to go home and reinstate my General Contractor’s license to build it for them. Isn't it nice to be flexible and have your plans cast in Jello?

We are good with whatever happens. Thanks for visiting.

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