Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Diamond Point Resort August 28, 2013

This morning it was rainy all morning. It was supposed to partially clear up this afternoon. We drove to Port Angeles to check out the only quilt store there. It is kind of a cute store. Cindy (big surprise!) bought another pattern.

The ocean was a little foggy.
After that we drove up to the Olympic National Park to a place called Hurricane Ridge. It is a very scenic drive with lots of places to stop and take pictures. From one of the view points, on a clear day, you could see Victoria, Vancouver, and Bellingham Washington, plus a lot of the islands and bays in the area. I could see a little bit of Victoria in the far distance. It would have been a lot prettier picture on a clear day.

Part way up the mountain there was a deer right on the side of the road. It acted totally unafraid of the cars and went down acting like it wanted us to feed it. It got along side of the truck and was less than 5 feet from Cindy. She got some wonderful pictures.

Lots of beautiful views.

Cindy liked this and the next pictures.

When we got to the top there is a visitor center with views all the way around it. We could see at least 2 glaciers on the mountain in front of us. There were also some very scenic views of the mountains and valleys in the area. Cindy got several pictures of the clouds below us. The visitor center is 5242 feet above sea level, and the drive up is 17 miles.

This glacier has receded a lot in the past 25 years.

These clouds were below us.

At the parking lot there was a trail that we took to go up a little higher where we could see more of the scenery. At the top of the trail (which is not far) there were 3 deer eating. Again, they acted totally unafraid of people and just went about eating. At one point I could have reached out and petted one of the deer.

Little buck watching someone.

She came trotting right up to us.

The trail made a loop that went back to the parking lot, and there was another deer by the road. It acted like it wanted something to eat from us, and came running toward us. So today we saw a lot of beautiful scenery and several deer. The drive was well worth it.

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  1. And that is why you need to carry carrots in your pocket. lol It always seems so strange to me when you are above the clouds. But it sure makes for beautiful pictures.