Saturday, August 17, 2013

Blaine, Washington August 17, 2013

Today we drove from Abbotsford, BC to Blaine, Washington. We are back in the lower 48. Cindy says she is ready to just hang out for a while and so am I.

This is as we approached the border crossing.
When we started down the road toward US customs, there was a sign out that said there was a 50 minute wait to customs. I noticed a sign that said 3 KM to the US border and traffic was backed up almost to the freeway. It took us an hour to finally get to customs. The agent scanned our passports and then asked us where we lived. I told him Riverton, Utah. He then asked if we had any fresh fruit or vegetables. I answered no. He handed back our passports and said have a good day. It was one of the easier border crossings.

While we were in line I watched a couple walking into Canada carrying two gallons of milk and some groceries. When we got into Sumas, there was a sign that said milk 2 Gallons for $5.50 instead of the $5.99 per 4 liters we saw at Wal-Mart in Canada. No wonder the Canadians go to the US for groceries.

We drove toward the RV Park, the Beachwood Resort in Blaine, Washington, and we saw a place that was selling fresh corn. We stopped and got 4 ears for dinner tonight to go with the salmon we are having. We also found a place that was selling Blue Berries and got some of them.

The internet said we were about an hour from the campground, but with the wait for customs and the 2 stops on the way here, we took 2 hours and 15 minutes. The park is only about a 5 minute drive to the ocean and about 45 minutes from Vancouver. We might go into Vancouver next week, but we are not sure.
Parked in the RV Park

After we got to the park and got settled in, we went back toward the way we came in with the intention of picking Black Berries, which seem to grow everywhere. We found a place that had lots of big berries and picked quite a few. Cindy says we need to eat some of the salmon so we have room in the freezer for Black Berries and Blue Berries. LOL

Our plan is to get more berries while we are here.

The salmon and corn for dinner were excellent, and we probably will have to get more corn.

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  1. With all the fish you caught, it seems like you'd have to eat salmon every other day. :)