Monday, August 26, 2013

Diamond Point RV Park, Washington August 26, 2013

Yesterday we had visitors to the RV Park. The people that work here say they are pretty tame, and as long as you don’t make any threatening moves they don’t seem to mind. We watched them eat for quite a while.

We had also been told there was a flock of wild turkeys that stayed by the park. In the afternoon we saw them and Cindy took a lot of pictures. When they started to leave, I decided to see if I could herd them in another direction. They let me get within 10 feet of them and I did turn them in another direction. I can’t believe how tame they are.

We went sightseeing and drove down the top of the bluff to see if we could get any pictures of the bay, but they are hard to get. We did find 2 lots that were for sale and had a million dollar view, but when we called about them the price for both lots is $1,100,000. This is just a little rich for us, so we won’t be buying the lots. LOL We will just have to be content where we are.

The million dollar (+) view.

Cindy liked this picture of the moss growing on the tree.
Today we drove to the town of Sequim and stopped at the Visitor Center to see what there was in town to see. The lady recommended the Railroad Bridge Park. She also said the old School was worth seeing. She also told us where we could get the best view of the Lighthouse. To get to it there is a 10 mile round trip walk, and Cindy’s back wouldn't take it, not to mention that I have no desire to walk 10 miles to see a light house. There are plenty of light houses in Oregon that are right by the parking lot that we have already seen.

We made our stop at the two fabric stores in town and got a few pictures, but didn't see anything to buy.

These totem poles are by a store in the area.

 After the quilt shops, we went to the Railroad Bridge Park. There is a sign saying no fishing, and when we looked in the small river we could see salmon in it. The sign told us that the bridge was built in 1915 and carried train traffic until 1980, when another company took over and ran it until 1985. The bridge is 150 feet long and still seems sturdy, but is now open to foot traffic.

There were a lot of salmon.

Another view of the bay.


The old school is well kept up, but we were not able to get inside, because all the museums in the area are closed on Monday. This school house was built in 1892 and was a public school until 1955.

By the school we noticed a lot of ripe Black Berries, and we had brought pans to pick them in case we found any, so we spent some time and picked berries. Cindy had told me that if we could get enough berries, she would make another pie. I can hardly wait.

After we pick Black Berries, we went to see the spot where we could see the Light house.

When we got back to the RV Park the turkeys were by the fence across from the park, and the three deer were grazing in the play field by our site.

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  1. Those are the kind of campground neighbors you don't mind at all. 10 mile walk to see a lighthouse? I don't think so.