Saturday, August 17, 2013

Abbotsford, British Columbia, August 16, 2013

Today we drove from 100 Mile House to Abbotsford. We are close to the US border, but decided to stay here tonight. Part of the way looked dry with sagebrush, just like most of Utah. Most of the way we were either following the Thompson River, which runs quite clear, or the Frazier River, which is dirty and probably glacier fed.

All the sage brush reminded me of Utah.

Notice how clear the water looks in the Thompson River.

When we were going through the little town of Yale, there was a flea market going on, so just for a diversion, we stopped and walked around. We just looked but did not buy anything.

The Frazier looks muddy even after mixing wit the Thompson.

Soon after Yale we started to go through the Frazier Canyon. We came to a place called Hells Gate. They have a tram across the river with a walking bridge that goes over the river. By here the Thompson River has flowed into the Frazier, and they told us that there is more water going down stream than goes over Niagra Falls. They called it Hells Gate because the river gorge is the narrowest and steepest of any place on the Frazier. There are also many tunnels that the road goes through the canyon.

Cindy thought this salmon casting on one of the bridges over the Frazier River was interesting.

Cindy had to take this picture of the giant flowers blooming at the visitor center.

We stopped for lunch by the Visitor Center in Hope and as soon as we left Hope, the road is a freeway to Vancouver. We were about an hour from Hope to Abbotsford. We decided to stay at Walmart tonight.

On the way here we noticed Black Berries growing along the freeway. After we parked at Walmart, we went across the street and picked some berries. When we went back to the trailer we noticed a lot of berries by the parking lot and Cindy went back out and picked some more. We had a dish of berries tonight, and are going to have some in the morning. I hope they are ripe in Washington so we can have more. We can’t take any of them across the border.

Tomorrow we are going to a RV Park in Washington for a week. I hope to get some repairs done on the 5er while we are there.
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ps: to answer Sandie’s comment, the accident on Highway 16 had debris all over both lanes of the highway. We didn't get to see it, but the highway worker told us that a woman had crossed the center line and ran head-on into a semi. He told us the engine had been knocked out of the car and she was in very serious condition. They only have one accident investigator for this part of BC, and he was investigating another accident about four hours away from the one we were by. I don’t know when they got the road opened, but they had something about it on the radio, which I missed most of. They did say the highway was closed for more than half of the day. 

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  1. Welcome to our neck of the woods! We live in Langley, the next town west of Abbotsford.

    Enjoy the lower mainland!

    Cheers, Peter.