Thursday, August 1, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska August 1, 2013 Last Hurrah!

We have decided to go back to Anchorage tomorrow. Cindy finally thinks she is well enough to travel. I hope so. She tells me she is tired of sitting here and seeing the same scenery day after day. She is moving a lot better, but still tries to do too much and ends up hurting for it. Our plan right now is to spend one night in Anchorage, then go on toward Valdez.

This afternoon I decided to have one last hurrah and go fishing one last time. I left about 1:00 this afternoon and went to my favorite place. There was no one there so I was able to get my spot in the river. After about the forth cast, I hooked a fish, but it got off. I got three on that didn't get away, but they were foul hooded, one from the tail, one from the back and one in the belly. The next fish was hooked in the mouth and I got to keep it. I caught several small fish. When I finally started to hook them right, it only took three hours to get my limit of six fish. They were all pretty nice fish. I thought the freezer was full before, but after rearranging it we managed to get all the fish in. It was a nice end to the salmon fishing for me.

We hope to be able to get some pictures on our way to Anchorage and Valdez. I’m sorry there haven’t been many pictures lately. Now that Cindy’s feeling better she hopes to be able to do better.

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  1. It's amazing how Jim can always find room in the freezer for his fish. You guys must be throwing out something without us seeing you. Travel safe and Cindy= do not over do it.