Saturday, August 10, 2013

Burwash Landing, Yukon Territory August 8, 2013

Today we went the other 50 miles to Tok. The last 25 miles were in pretty good condition. I did get August 6th blog posted, but had to wait to get the pictures posted. We filled up with diesel at 4.499 per gallon. The truck took $313 worth of fuel. I wanted to fill up in Alaska before we went into Canada.

This cache is a a Visitor Center in Alaska about 20 miles from the border.

Wild cranberries at the Visitor Center.
The border crossing into Canada went very easily. The customs man only asked a few questions, and we were on our way. The only question about food was if we had any produce. Cindy told him we had some salad, and he said that would be alright. There were no other food questions I remember.

When we went over The Top of The World Highway, Canada had just opened it the day before we went over and their part was freshly graded. The Alaska part and the Highway from Chicken were in pretty bad shape, but the Alaska Highway from the Telsin Junction to Burwash Landing is by far worse than anything we went over on the Top of the World Highway. Knowing how they are, given the choice, I would take the way through Dawson City, but this is based on freshly graded road.
We had many miles of road construction after we got into Canada, and it reminded me of the road to the Arctic Circle. We had to follow a flag car for about 20 miles, and the truck and trailer look like part of the road construction crew. We drove more miles than I would normally, but all the places to stop, had signs against staying overnight.

Kind of interesting church
Lots and lots of frost heaves.

 After the road construction we went by what we read was an old quansit hut left over from building the Alcan Highway. It was turned into a church in about 1949.

 But enough gryping. We did have lots of beautiful scenery all the way to where we stopped for the night. It just seems like there is a long way to go without seeing very much more than tree lined road and mountains in the background. We went to where Day’s End said there was a Rest Area at 1726 km that wasn’t marked no overnight parking and no camping. When we got to it, there was a new sign up prohibiting overnight parking, and we debated whether to stay anyway, but after we had dinner and Cindy beat me at a game of Rummy, we decided to go on down the road and not make someone mad. We only went about ½ mile when we found a nice turnout with no signs and that’s where we stayed for the night.

 Tomorrow we will be in Whitehorse. Thanks for visiting.

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