Thursday, July 19, 2018

We Moved Again

Neskowan, Oregon                 High 64 Low 46

I had such poor internet that I wasn’t able to post yesterday. We didn’t even have phone service.

We left Chinook Bend RV Park today at about noon. We drove a whopping 20 miles to Neskowan Creek RV Resort. The last Park was more a fishing camp. This Park is very nice. We along with some members of the Park that have a lot near us in Yuma, call it the Bunny Park. The reason is there are lots of what may have once been tame bunnies running around. There are lots of different colored rabbits. Penny goes crazy trying to catch them.

Yesterday we went to the beach near Lincoln City to let Penny run loose so she could have fun playing in the sand. After while a lot more people showed up and we had to put her on a leash. Penny rolled in the sand and ran around until she got tired.

Cindy trying to catch Penny to attach her leash.

There were crab fishermen there and one showed me some nice crabs he had caught. He told me that the crabs have to be a certain size to keep them. There also were some older boys trying to catch what we were told was razor clams. They had a long pvc tube they pushed into the sand and then pulled it up to see if they had any clams.

These lines go out to their crab nets which they have baited with chicken breast.

This looked like about a 4 inch piece of pipe with a tee handle on the top that they twisted into the sand.
While we were there across the bay we could see 2 large groups of sea lions sunning themselves. They were interesting to watch as more and more finally went into the water. It wasn’t long before one of the groups was all gone. Every one of them was in the water. We could see large groups of them swimming around.

The large group on the right side of this picture were all swimming after about 30 minutes.

I glad that we have internet at this Park. We will be here a week and then are headed home to Utah.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Another nice area to enjoy, have too much fun with the bunnies.

  2. I've always wanted to buy a crab pot and give it a try. In Seaside people get LOTS of crab every day. Much cheaper than the store. Funny to see Penny running on the beach ... Cooper seems to love it too. I think they call those clam guns. They sell them at the Oysterville Store near Willapa Bay Washington.