Friday, July 27, 2018

We Made it to Ontario

Ontario, Oregon                High100 Low 65

We made it to Ontario……..Oregon that is. I shouldn’t have asked for quite so much heat.

I decided to drive down to Corvalis instead of through Salem. It was a little longer, but way more scenic. We stopped on the way to have lunch at a very nice place in the canyon on Highway 20. It did take longer than if I had listened to the GPS but we got a lot nicer drive. It was so curvy that I don’t think I would drive that way again and would use Highway 22 through Salem another time.

Yesterday we stopped at the Sundance Meadows RV Park near Bend, Oregon. The phone service was so poor that I could hardly get any internet and I didn’t want to go to their office to use theirs. It was only (?) 95 degrees there. We were there with Coast to Coast and as a result we only had water and 30 amp power with no sewer. They only have a few sites that non-members can use and a lot of them had signs on them that said the power wasn’t working. We only found a couple of sites that were long enough for us and the one I picked had the person before us run over the water valve box. As a result water was running out. Cindy walked up to the office and they soon had someone to look at the broken pipe. It turned out to be a broken piece of PVC pipe and he had to turn the water off.

He told us that a Winnebago had left just before we drove in and guessed he ran over the valve. He was very nice and went and got a long hose and hooked up water from one of the no power sites so we could have water.

It was still hot with only one AC running but we got by. The lady in the office told me that they were going to drop Coast to Coast because they don’t them pay enough.

Today we spent 5 ½ hours driving to Ontario. We are staying at the County Fairground with Passport America. All the sites are on grass and one review said if they’ve had rain to not come in here. We have 50 amp power and water and there is a dump station we can use on the way out tomorrow.

There are supposed to be 24 sites here but if all were large, it would really be tight, so if you decided to stop here I would suggest getting here early. As it is it may be tight to get out in the morning.

We are headed back to Utah because of Cindy’s Mom. While she seems to have made some progress, we decided that we had better head home. When it is 100 outside, I miss the cool weather of the Coast. We have both ACs going and it is fairly comfortable. From the phone it looks like Salt Lake is just as hot.

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  1. Nice that out got to Ontario, but still a long way from us . there is a lot of membership parks dropping out , better to charge us and extra fee than drop put is our opinion.
    keep travelling safely.

    1. I agree that it would be better to charge more than just to loose them.

  2. Looked like a beautiful drive. Hope the heat isn't too bad. It's probably better than 106 here!! Safe travels home.