Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Clam Chowder

Neskowan, Oregon               High 64 Low 54

I got some pictures of a few of the rabbits in the Park. They act very tame when Penny isn’t along to try to chase them.

We woke up to fog again. By noon the fog had burned off and the sun was shining so we took Penny to the beach again. When we get to the parking lot and take her out of the truck she smells the Ocean and can’t wait to get there. Today there weren’t as many people at this beach as there have been at the other beaches, so we let her off the leash to run and have fun. She never gets far from us.

The tide was up higher than the last time we were at this Beach and Penny had to run away from some of the waves.

Cindy got a few pictures of the cottages in Neskowan. They all seem to be well taken care of.

After our time on the Beach, I had promised Cindy a bowl of clam chowder before we left the coast, and so we drove to Pacific City to the Oar House Bar and Grill. I had read some reviews about it and most were very favorable. The clam chowder probably had the most clams in it that we ever have eaten. The reviews were right on when they called it the best clam chowder on the coast. And the price was very reasonable.

Tomorrow we leave here headed back toward Utah. After all the cool temperatures I’m not sure we are ready for the 100 degrees back in Salt Lake.

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  1. Nothing quite as tasty and a very good clam chowder, glad you found it for Cindy.

  2. Knowing how tiny Penny is, she better be careful near those waves. What a cutie pie. That clam chowder looks YUMMY and makes me sad I'm not up there to have some. Next year!! Sorry you have to head back to warmer weather, but it's probably better than Yuma!!