Monday, July 23, 2018

Drive Into Lincoln City

Neskowan, Oregon           High 63 Low 51

We wanted to go to the beach today but the weather here has been foggy all day and quite chilly.

The internet told us that there was a kite festival at the beach in Lincoln City today, so we drove into town to see what we could see. Evidentally the dates on the internet were wrong because we only got to see one kite flying and it soon got taken down.

If you blow this picture way up, there is one kite in about the center.

We took a little walk on the beach (the weather in Lincoln City was a lot nicer with the sun shining) to let Penny walk in the sand. She was so chilly that today she didn’t even roll in the sand and just wanted to get back in the truck.

Between us and Lincoln City, we have to drive over a small hill. On the Lincoln City side the sun was shining and on our side we dropped down into fog.

Where we are parked we have a view to the end of the RV Park. Tonight we are able to see only about half way. While we are glad we are not in the 100 degree weather in Salt Lake, I wish it would warm up a little.

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  1. Lincoln City has one in June and one in October. You just missed the one in Brookings last weekend. There will be more on the coast if you are heading North. I'll send you some of my 107 degree heat!!

  2. If you're going to be there Saturday or Sunday
    Go to the Lincoln city fleamarket crafters (South end of town ) if you go downstairs they have looms for weavers Try to control yourself their rugs are unbelievable They may have a booth but I'm not sure if you like that stuff you'll be in seventh heaven