Thursday, July 5, 2018

Visiting With Friends

Winston, Oregon               High 87 Low 57

While it got a bit warm today, it is supposed to cool off tonight.

Yesterday afternoon we went to the Douglas County Fairground. They had what they called The Battle of The Food Trucks. I don’t know the criteria for judging the food trucks, but we did see last year’s winner.

They had this gigantic flag on top of the fire truck.

One thing we noticed was lots of Oriental food trucks.

This one looked like the most popular with the longest line.

There was also a band entertaining the visitors. Later after dark there was a fireworks display which we didn’t stay to see. We found out that Penny gets upset about all the booms going on around our trailer from the nearby community, so it was probably good that we didn’t stay.

Cindy got a picture of a used car lot that made us wonder if we had accidentally gone to Texas.

As soon as we got back to the cherry Orchard, we got to see three deer eating leaves of the cherry trees.

The little buck watched Cindy the whole time she was outside taking their picture.

This morning we went to have breakfast with some friends of ours that live in Roseburg. We hadn’t seen them for a while and it was good to visit with them again.

After breakfast we drove out to the country to their house. I built their home for them in 2002 and it was nice to see it again.

The first thing we saw was a flock of wild turkeys in their back yard. Mike had told me that the turkeys were a problem on our way to their home, so it was kind of funny to see a family of wild turkeys as soon as we got there. They ran away from us.

Debbie showed us inside of her home and the way she had decorated it. We both liked what she has done with it. She has some nice antique furniture from some of her travels in Europe.

This is the view of the River from their deck. Their property goes all the way to the River.

Mike took this picture of us on the deck.

Mike does all the outside work and has their yard looking very nice.

It has been a few years since we have seen them and hope it isn’t so long next time.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. What a beautiful location for a house! Love the deer where you are parked. And wild turkeys? Haven't seen them in ages!! Would love to try out those food trucks ... the only thing around here are what we call gut wagons. As you can imagine the food isn't all that great!!