Monday, July 16, 2018

The 2018 Sisters Quilt Show is Now in the History Books

Sisters, Oregon                          High 94 Low 62

We drove through Downtown Sisters and while the shops still were doing the Quilt Walk, not a single quilt could be seen on the outside. We even went by the Quilt Store and again, not a single quilt to be seen but here are a few more pictures from Saturday.

It was too warm for any kind of walk yesterday afternoon so we decided to take a ride to McKenzie Pass to see the back side of the three Sisters volcanoes and see some more lava fields. The elevation there is 5325 feet, which is almost 2000 feet higher than Sisters.

The road was very narrow in some places where the road had been cut through the lava beds.

When we got to the top there is an observatory built out of the lava rocks from which we could see several of the extinct volcanoes and also see miles of lava fields. From the center part of the observatory there were sight holes looking at two of the three sisters volcanoes. When I tried to get a picture through them, all I got was a picture of the hole and description of what I was looking at.

Part of the road was cut through this kind of lava.

These are the two of the Three Sister Volcanoes that can be see through the sight holes.

The parking lot from the observatory.

The road has two big signs that say no vehicles over 35 feet combined allowed. Yet on our way down we saw a large class A motorhome with a toad going up to the top. Maybe the sun was in his eyes as he went past the signs. A few places we went through couldn’t have been over 12 feet wide and we sure hoped we didn’t meet anyone going the other direction.

Today we are leaving for Lincoln City where the high all week is only going to be 62 degrees, which will be some relief from the heat we have been in.

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  1. Those lava fields are amazing. We never think of there being volcanos and lava in Oregon. Great quilt pictures. Some of those are just amazing! Have fun in Lincoln City. You might be in time for the kite festival.