Sunday, July 8, 2018

Moved to La Pine

La Pine, Oregon               High 85 Low 51

We left Winston Friday and moved to Cascade Meadows RV Resort at La Pine. The sites here are nice and wide and long enough for almost any size RV. We are here with Coast to Coast.

Our only complaints are only 30 amp power and they insist on only running one AC at a time. It gets quite warm during the day but so far it has cooled off nicely at night (almost too cool). Also there is very little shade which I guess for some is not a problem.

And they also have a rule that no one can check in before 1:00 PM, period. It seems to me that it is very inconvenient if they get more than 2 or 3 waiting since they really don’t have room for anyone to wait. But other than that, it is a nice enough Park. We have been in much worse!

Our first afternoon here we drove to a quilt store in La Pine which actually is about 6 miles from the RV Park to the South. Cindy found a couple of patterns she liked.

Yesterday we drove to Bend to visit the quilt stores there. There are 3. We didn’t realize that Bend was as large as it is with about 80,000 residents. The elevation here is about the same as Salt Lake City (4200 feet).

We didn’t buy anything while there except for filling the truck with diesel.

We have really terrible internet and I won’t be able to post any pictures. Hopefully when we get to Sisters next Friday we will have better.

We will be in Sisters for what they say is the largest outdoor quilt show in the world. The show is Saturday.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. please show pictures of the Sister's quilt show. It is one I would love to see one day.

  2. One of the quilt shops in Bend is my all time favorite. It was up the hill from the gun shop, so Mr. Chance had a place to shop while we looked at material. Have fun in Sisters!!