Friday, July 20, 2018

Beach and Quilt Store

Neskowin, Oregon             High 63 Low 50

Today was windy and because of the wind we felt chilly.

We started the day by driving to Cloverdale to the Quilt Store. It used to be located in the owners basement, but since we were here last, she moved to a real store in town. There is a lot more room than last time.

There were several different sales going on and, yes, we couldn’t resist. We probably got enough material to make 3 large quilts! In our defense, they had the Row by Row Pattern, which we got free.

This is their Row by Row
After the Quilt Store we drove to Pacific City to let Penny play on the beach for a while. She loves to roll in the damp sand and run loose but there were so many people around that we didn’t dare let her off her leash. It was blowing so bad that the small particles of sand stung when they hit us and Penny didn’t want to play very long.

There were lots of surf board people and Cindy got some nice pictures of the local scenery.

The wind is supposed to let up tomorrow. We hope so.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Hahaha ... he who has the most fabric wins!!! I've already put your name on the trophy!!