Saturday, February 28, 2015

Penny’s Dog Show

Avondale, Arizona                             High 70 Low 54

Yesterday we went to some more of the Talks/sales presentations. Some were very informative and others not so much.

Last night they had a group called Ticket to Ride. They were a group from Arizona that sang Beetles songs. They even used the same period instruments. When they talked, they even had an English accent. We thought they were very good.

This morning they had a dog show. I wanted to take Penny to it. When she was there, she was all excited to see all the other dogs. Unfortunately I entered her in show, not knowing exactly what to show her in. They announcer told everyone that if your dog was entered show, they had to show with the costumes.  Penny didn't have a costume and doesn't like them anyway, so she did the dog show more for the experience than anything else. I thought some of the costumes were clever, and perhaps Penny would have done better in the trick category, but she only knows a couple of tricks.

This afternoon they held the drawing for the prizes for the people that had found matching numbers. As it turned out, there were a lot of people there. Some of the prizes were very good prizes. They said they gave away over $20,000 in prizes, including lots of gift certificates to Camping World. First prize was either an 8 day infield spot at the Albuquerque Balloon Fest, or a 14 day Music Tour in Nashville and Memphis, plus $1000 spending money with either trip. I didn't get called for any prizes so all I won was a tee shirt.

I had found a second number match at the dog show, and the man I matched with first won a bobble head doll and a chance at a $500 gift certificate. All he won was the doll!

It rained later this afternoon for a while and right now it is cold, so we decided not to go to tonight’s entertainment.

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