Monday, February 16, 2015

Arizona Sunset and Penny's Haircut

Arizona Sunset
Wellton, Arizona              High 82 Low 54

We finally had enough clouds to have a nice sunset.

Saturday night there was a team trivia challenge at the Rec Center. It ended up with 7 teams of 6 people each. It lasted 3 ½ hours, which didn't seem that long. It was a lot of fun. I got in with three Canadians and a couple from Maine. We did pretty well and were in the lead for about half of it, and then we got some questions that none of us had any idea what the correct answer was, so we ended third. This meant that our team did not get the fun size candy bar each………………Ahh……….

Today we went to a little Mexican food stand in Wellton called the Mad Mexican Restaurant. We had one breakfast burrito, which we had been told was very good. One was plenty for both of us and was good enough that we will probably go another time. It probably weighed 2 pounds.

Penny’s hair is getting so long that she is suffering from the heat, so we are taking her to the dog groomer. Also her hair is getting quite matted again. I know she will hate the experience, but she will be better off when it is over. Here are some before pictures.

And here are some after ones. She is so upset that she acts like she doesn't like or trust us. We feel like we only have half the dog we had before.

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  1. I like Penny's haircut. Tell her it makes her looks skinny...she might like you for that compliment.

    Beautiful photos of the sky.

  2. In a couple of days she will have forgotten all about it...

  3. Lots of hugs and treats. I suppose they get used to it, but Cooper had so many bad experiences with cuts and dings that I just do it myself now .. not well, but he doesn't care!!