Thursday, February 12, 2015

Castle Dome Museum

Wellton, Arizona               High 81 Low 51

Last night at the RV Park there was a hamburger dinner. There were a lot of people that went to it. The hamburgers and rest of the food was good.

Today we went to the Castle dome Museum. It is about an hour away from where we are, but was well worth seeing. The only problem was the last 7 miles was on a rough dirt road.

Some of the scenery close by the museum.

We had already talked to one of the owners, and got permission to take Penny with us as long as I carried her and promised not to let her out of her bag. She was very good and never once tried to get out. she seemed very content to have me carry her around.

As we were entering the part where the building were there was a bunch of broken depression glass. We collect some of it and were disappointed to see all the broken pieces of nice glass.
There is a lot of the glass on display throughout the place. We did see one sign telling about the name "Depression Glass".

There is a lot of history about the area, and I have put some of the pictures on this post. Cindy got way too many pictures to put them all on this post, so I might have to follow up with some of them tomorrow.

The actual town was started in 1864, and went until the price of silver got too low to be profitable.

I think I read that there are over 50 restored building from this miners shack to a large mercantile store, and even a hotel.

We wanted to try these, but 2 strings were needed and the only had one or none.These were in the school house.

This ceiling was in the hotel and in the church. We could have rung the church bell and some people did, but we decided not to.

This is the old dentist office.

More of the hotel ceiling.

Here Penny and I are in jail. This was in the sheriffs office.

Old foot operated sewing machine.

Cindy was invited to try on the hats in the dress shop.

Thanks for visiting.

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