Thursday, February 26, 2015

Renewing Our Wedding Vows.

Avondale, Arizona                 High 72 Low 45

Today lots more RVs came into the Rally. Yesterday there was no one behind us and now it is full. Yesterday there were 6 tram stops, and now there are 12 stops.

 All morning and a good part of the afternoon there were lines of RVs coning in to the grounds.

This is a long line of RVs parked at the Rally. There are several rows just like this one.

This was taken from the third floor of the bleachers. We could see two of the trams and some of the RVs.

This shows how big the infield is.
The large field behind us is wired to have electrical with several large portable generators. We found out that they charge $50 per day for a total of $200 to have the electrical for 4 day of Rally. We thought it was kind of high when we could be in an RV Park for $20.00 per day with Coast to Coast.

One of the tram conductors told us that there are 16 trams running constantly. They always seem to be full of people either going to the Rally or going home.

Cindy and I both went to some presentations today. While informative, they were trying to sell you on their product.

Tonight they were trying to set a new world record for the largest number of couples renewing wedding vows. They needed to beat 1087 couples and to participate you had to have a copy of your wedding certificate. They also gave prizes for the best dressed couple. The grand prize was round trip airfare to anywhere in the continental US. I got some pictures of some of the better one, but they didn't win. Cindy told me I didn't seem to take it too serious and I told the two couples that some people dressed up for the ceremony and some of us (me) didn't even shave this morning. It was still a lot of fun. There were also prizes for longest married (65 years) and shortest time married (3 days).
Cindy has her hand up at the top middle of the people.

We watched some entertainers tonight until we got tired and started to leave. They have issued a number to each person at the Rally and as I walked out, a man with the same number as mine was walking up the stairs. If you could find the person with the same number, both of us win some kind of prize. Tomorrow we are going to get together and go to the Camper World booth and see what we won.
We will be going to some more classes and they are having some more evening entertainers.

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  1. I don't think I've been to any class that wasn't trying to sell something!!!