Sunday, February 22, 2015

Back in Arizona

Wellton, Arizona                 High 73 Low 54

I spent three days at the Statler Retreat. The retreat was mostly about the new Creative Studio’s 6 program. Statler offers free upgrades to 4.2 and 5 users. The problem is that my computer is a Windows XP, which will not support Creative Studios 5 or 6. The classes and dinner after got me home kind of late at night. 

My options are live with what I have or get a new computer with Windows 8, which is a fairly big investment.

There are a lot of really nice features on the new program which I really like, but I have to wonder if I really need them since I’m not home running the quilt machine all the time.

The classes did show how to use what I have better, and there are some things on it that I didn't know I had.

Decisions, decisions.

The classes and dinner after got me home kind of late at night. They fed us breakfast, lunch and dinner plus all the snacks you cared to eat during the day.

Friday night they had show and tell, and I took Cindy’s embroidered Santa quilt to get some ideas on how to quilt it, but of course the final decision is Cindy’s.

My birthday was Friday and since I got home late on Friday, Tammy took me out to eat last night. We decided on Village Inn, and I had fried shrimps. The two kids had a breakfast which is served anytime.

I really missed Cindy while I was gone and am glad to be back with her. Also Penny acts glad to see me. I was glad to hear that they didn't have any problems while I was gone.

Any time I was outside while I was in Salt Lake City, I was suffering from the cold. The people there told me how unusually warm it is, and has been, but I’m use to Arizona weather, where it only gets to the low 50s 0r high 40s at night, not where it only gets to the high 50s during the day. Now I know why we go south in the winter.

Today I had flights that would have got me into Yuma at 6:30. I talked to the ticket counter at the  Salt Lake Airport and they told me I could get on earlier flights, but it would cost me $75.00 to change the ticket. I decided to ask the agent at the gate and she told me the same thing. I told her I would have to think about it, and finally decided I wanted to get back to Yuma three hours earlier, so I went up and talked to the agent again. She went ahead and made the change and when I tried to give her my credit card, she said she wasn't going to charge me. I was happy. On both flights, the first into Phoenix and then into Yuma, there were three empty seats, so it really didn't hurt US Airways to let me make the change. I remember a long time ago that if the airline had empty seats, they didn't even hesitate allowing you to go on earlier flights and it was always free. How times have changed, but I managed to get a nice agent, and I was glad for three hours I didn't have to sit in the airports.

Sorry, no pictures again. Thanks for visiting.