Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Made It To The Good Sam Rally

Avondale, Arizona                    High 73 Low 46

Last night we drove to Ed and Barbara’s in the Foothills. There were 5 couples there for a barbecue. Three of the couple are from Riverton, Utah, one from West Jordan, Utah, and one couple, I didn't find out where they are from. We had a good meal and spent some time visiting.

The couple from West Jordan and Cindy and I were staying at the same RV Park and we both planned on leaving this morning.

We got away at about 9:00 and arrived here about noon. We had good driving conditions all the way with no problems.

There was a steady line of RVs coming into this place and I don’t think I've ever seen so many RVs in such a small area before. There is actually a lot of room her, but there are a lot of RV’s.

We had to wait a while till we got our packet from the Rally people and then went to a craft show that was going on. Cindy got some picture of one bracelet that was really striking because of the colors and was made so it wasn't just a straight line. The Rally officially starts tomorrow, but there was some things going on.

After the craft show, we went to one seminar on how to make your RV storage more efficient. Neither Cindy nor I thought it was very good. A lot of people must have felt the same way, because a lot of people left early.

After we got back to the trailer, I called Jan to see if she was here, and found out they were here and where they were parked. We went to see her and Bill, and they had some other people visiting them. I’m sorry, but I didn't get their names. We talked for a while until the group started to break up.

The lady on the left is Judy Lawless and she writes a travel blog. They are from Ontario, Canada.

We have some other seminars we want to go to tomorrow, and there is entertainment in the evening.

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