Thursday, February 5, 2015

Crafts And Pioneer Museum

Wellton, Arizona                High 81 Low 51

It has been very warm during the day the last while, but has cooled off enough at night that we had to close our bedroom windows, which makes for good sleeping.

Cindy wanted to go to the craft thing at the rec center today to start working on another necklace. She got a fairly good start.

A different quilt is hanging in the rec center.
I wanted to go to the Wellton Pioneer Museum, which is only open on Tuesday and Thursday.They have a lot of old stuff there with some movable boards which ask what something was. You then slide the board to the left for the answer. Some of it we knew and some we didn't.

This is a pair of ice tongs used to lift heavy blocks of ice.

There was a good assortment of very old typewriters. One of them is the oldest one I have ever seen. Cindy got a picture of an old Underwood typewriter that looked like one I learned to type on about 60 years ago. It sure shows how old you are when stuff you used as a child is now in a museum.

Sorry for the fuzzy picture. I learned to type on an Underwood typewriter very similar to this one.

Outside there are two old fire trucks. There were also some old gas pumps, one of which had 33.9 cents per gallon on it. Cindy asked me if I could remember gas being that cheap. Not only do I remember it being that price, but I remember it once selling for 19.9 cent per gallon during a gas war. How many of you remember gas wars?

I'm afraid if you figure 1955 prices, the gas prices in today's money is higher than it is now. Using an online  calculator, $.339 = $2.95. Right now, one station in Yuma is selling regular for $1.899 per gallon. Using the same calculator, gas would have had to sell for 20 1/5 cents per gallon to meet what is available now. I looked it up, and in 1955 The minimum wage allowed went to $1.00 per hour. The inflation rate for the period is 783%, in other words, what you could buy for $1.00 in 1955 would cost $8.83 today. I'm afraid I'm showing my age.

The museum had a lot of interesting things and only took us a half hour to see it all. Also, the price was right. It's hard to beat free.

Tomorrow we are going to the Foothills for some yard sales and then to see Eddie and Barbara's new, to them, house. Eddie told me he has found a lot of things to fix he wasn't planning on, but is still happy with their decision to purchase it.

Thanks for visiting.

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