Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yuma Swap Meets

Wellton, Arizona                       High 81 Low 48

We have been just relaxing for the last few days without too much to post about.

The other day we did have a visitor to the RV Park driving a motorcycle that I could probably handle.
Today we decided to go to Yuma to check out the quilt store (we found out that it is the only one in the area). On the way we saw two different swap meets at two of the churches along the frontage road.

The first on we went to was a lot smaller than the other, but had a lot of interesting things. There was a man that called himself a bark carver. His name is Montey Anglen. His wife told us they are from Branson, Missouri and that they spend winters in Yuma. From what we could see, he is quite talented. There was a sign about The Legend of the Wood Spirit. From the smile of his face, you can tell he enjoys the carving.

There was a lot of wire wrapped jewelry at both swap meets. Some of what was there was yard sale stuff. Cindy was going to buy some vegetables at the first one, but the line to check out was so long, that she decided to wait. We were able to buy the same things at the second place.

We also saw some of the same vendors at the second swap meet that were in the big tent in Quartzsite and the vendors at Tyson Wells across the street from the tent.

There were a lot of people at both places.

After the swap meets, we finally arrived at Grandma Jo's Quilt store. The first picture is what was patiently waiting by the front door. They do have some nice material and quilts, but Cindy says she is on a material fast and will only buy material to finish a project or at yard sale prices. It was one of her New Year Resolutions and has done pretty well so far. She says I have to say that I'm probably just as bad as her and I don't get to buy any material either.

We then went to Fry’s in the Foothills for some groceries. Besides having some really good prices on food, we found out that on the first Wednesday of each month, they give a 10% senior discount. We were pleasantly surprised.

We have been looking for a taco stand we were told about at the Mini Blogger Fest. We went where we thought it was, and must have picked the wrong place, because the tacos weren't anything special and the service left a lot to be desired. It took three times to get our order right. We plan on being in the Foothills on Friday and will try one last time to find the taco stand he told us about.
This afternoon there was another music jam session. There is quite a bit going on in this Park most days.

Thanks for visiting.

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