Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Made It Home and Penny Update

Riverton, Utah                High 55 Low 34

I flew home today without any glitches. For the people in Salt Lake, the weather is warm, but to me it is chilly. The high here is about the same as the low in Wellton. There is rain predicted for Friday and snow Saturday and Sunday. It will be good to go back to Arizona.

Cindy is on her own until I get back on Sunday.

I came home to go to a Gammill Quilting Machine retreat. They have a couple of national quilting instructors coming in to, hopefully, teach the attendees something more about their machines. It should be good to learn more.

I leave to go back to Arizona on Sunday and fly into Yuma. Yuma has the smallest airport I remember flying out of. TSA didn't even open until 45 minutes before our scheduled departure and there was no one at the airline counter until about an hour before. It was kind of laid back. There only seemed to be one gate for departures, but there might have been others.

Penny got over being mad at us and is her old self. She was fine on Tuesday. The only thing is now when I take her out in the morning, she shivers the whole time she is out, But she seems to be handling the warm days better. I sure it is only going to get warmer in Arizona.

That's it for today, thanks for visiting.

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  1. Have a great time quilting. Poor Penny. You need a sweater for her in the mornings.