Saturday, February 7, 2015

Visiting Friends and Yard Sales

Wellton, Arizona         High 82 Low 54

Yesterday we drove to the Yuma foothills to go to some yard Sales. The first was an estate sale that the people were still alive, but were moving into an assisted living center and their family was selling everything. Cindy found several pieces of material that they were selling for $2.00 for each piece. We probably got 20 yard for $10.00. They each look big enough for a back. She also found some brand new shoes for $5.00 each. They were all name brand and she felt good about her purchases.

We went to several other yard sales, but didn't find anything we were interested in. My friend Eddie had asked me to watch out for woodworking tools for him, and we found a yard sale about 1/2 mile from their house that had a lot of tools, including a table saw. He has all of that kind of tools in Riverton, but wanted a few here so he wouldn't have to haul them back and forth. We went to Eddie and Barbara's house and told him about the saw and other wood tools, and he and I went to see them.  He ended up buying the table saw and a few of the other tools for a good price. He was happy and I was glad to help him out.

We stayed and visited with them for a little while and by then it was lunch time, so Cindy and I headed back toward Wellton. First I stopped by Fry's and filled the truck with diesel because I have read that prices are headed back up and $2.339 is still a good price.

We tried one last time to find the taco stand we had been told about and this time we found it. It was close by the one we didn't particularly like, but this one did have good shrimp tacos. They aren't as good as Algodones, but were a lot closer to us than driving to Algodones. This stand is on one side of a large parking lot and the place we tried the other day is on the opposite side.

I think we were both feeling the effects of too much heat and neither of us had any energy left by the time we got back to the RV Park.

The church near to the RV Park was having a big yard sale starting at 5 o'clock so we drove over to it and found a few paperback books, but nothing else we were interested in.

In the evening there was karaoke at the rec center and we went and listened for a while.

Thanks for visiting.

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