Monday, February 23, 2015

Penny’s Afternoon Carry

Wellton, Arizona                      High 72 Low 50

I took care of some small repairs today. Our outside Smartlight had sun rotted lenses and I called and the company said they had some trouble with the first ones, and they sent new ones to Riverton which I was able to get while there.

I had to take the whole lamp off the trailer, because I was afraid I would lose the tiny screws that held the motion sensors in place. It wasn't too bad a job and I got this repair taken care of. I was afraid water would get into the light and ruin it like happened to Greg.

The next repair was to replace two of our floor heat registers with heavy duty cold air return grills, which do the same job but are way heavier and sturdier. The new one didn't come with holes to mount them down and I had to drill mounting screw holes. I only had carry-on bags on the planes and was afraid TSA might not let me take them on the airplane, so as I left the terminal last Wednesday, I stopped and asked the TSA guard if I would be able to take them in carry-on, and he told me that if I took them out of the bag and had them where they could see them, I would have no problem. Yesterday I got them through without a hitch.

Cindy has got into a routine with Penny. She takes her for a walk in the morning, and then in the afternoon, she tries to go for another walk. Penny will walk for a little ways and then will walk no further.  At that point Penny gets picked up and is carried the rest of the walk. Cindy says she is all excited to go out, but sometimes won't even take the first step. Penny might not be getting walks, but we are walking a lot more. Penny seems to like her afternoon "carry". You don’t think she’s spoiled or anything do you?

This evening I was hoping for a nice Arizona sunset, but all I got was a very feeble bit of red.

We are only here for two more nights and then are headed to the Good Sam Rally near Phoenix.

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