Saturday, January 31, 2015


Wellton, Arizona                   High 66 Low 50

Sorry, I didn't get any pictures.

Yesterday we drove to the Foothills to go to some Yard sales. Cindy found a Coldwater Creek jacket for $4.00. It looked almost new. She felt good about the price. She also got a large quilt block book for one dollar.

Our friends, Eddie and Barbara, that were in this RV Park bought a trailer in the foothills. He told me it was a fixer-upper. They moved out of this Park yesterday, and since we were in the area, we stopped in to see them. When I saw what needed fixing, I told him I had envisioned a lot more work than it needs. A few gallons of paint and a few scuffs on the wall are all I could see. beside all that, it is completely furnished. He says they paid less for the house than a bare lot sells for, and they both feel good about it.

He wanted me to check his heating and air conditioner, both of which worked well. I told him he could spend a lot of money and get the latest and greatest, but that I personally would run it like it was until they died and then think about upgrading. The furnace filter looked like it had been a long time since it was cleaned, and that he should clean it or get a new one.

After we left them, we went to Fry's to get some bread. Cindy found that they had a lot of things on sale for Super Bowl. Among the sale items were pork ribs that normally were $7.99 a pound marked down to $2.95 a pound. She got two packages.

She cooked them for dinner tonight with lots of barbecue sauce on them. They were a good as any I have ever had. Penny really enjoys the bone we gave her.

We are just kind of chilling out in this Park for the next 3 weeks. We don't have much on the agenda.

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  1. In response to your comment on my blog of: "Dave, from your comment on Another blog, I found out you said your RV fire was caused by a Norcold Fridge. What kind is in you new RV? I'm thinking strongly of replacing our Norcold with a residential fridge."

    Our "new to us" RV that replaced the burned up one last spring is a Dometic, which is less likely to catch fire than a Norcold. The funny thing is that the one that did burn was a Norcold, but was a two door, not a four door. From what I was told the four door Norcold is the one which catches fire the most...and when it is plugged in on Electricity, not when running on Propane. Has to do with where the heating plate is located near the coils. I know many have put in a fire extinguisher system, you might want to check out this link: --Dave (