Thursday, January 29, 2015

Minnie Blogger Fest

Wellton, Arizona                   High 70 Low 55

We have had nice weather for the last two days. Rain is supposed to be coming tomorrow.

We went to a jam session at the clubhouse. The musicians and singers were very good. There hasn't been much else going on at the RV Park for the last few days, at least not for us.

We went to Pilot Knob this afternoon to meet Kevin and Ruth. We have emailed several times, but have never met them before, as we missed the Blogger Fest in Quartzsite. As it turned out, there were also two other couples there, who also blog. Kevin and Evelyn Breutzmann of RV Khronicles of Kevelyn were there along with Janos and Maggie of Lenses and Wheels. I didn’t get Janos’ last name but he is an occasional writer for RV Times and is also a professional photographer.

This picture has all eight of us. Cindy sitting left, Ruth sitting right. Ray behind Cindy, Evelyn, Kevin B., Janos, Maggie, And Kevin Read with his hand on Ruth's shoulder.

We spent about two hours visiting and getting to know the other couples. I guess our Minnie Blogger Fest lasted about as long as the one in Quartzsite. We had a good time with the other couples and we were glad we got to meet them. For me at least, it is always good to meet bloggers so I can better put faces to their blogs.

We’re not sure what we are doing for the rest of the week.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Oh my we are here at Pilot Knob in 167. Wish we would have seen you and met the other bloggers .We will be here until Tuesday Morning.

  2. You were right behind us :) We are at the Pilot Knob RV Resort until Tuesday. :)

  3. Great that you finally got to meet Kevin and Ruth we have been trying since 2007.

  4. Great idea for a get together. We have met up with Kevin and Ruth several times since the Blogger-Fest. Always so nice to meet up with RVers.

  5. The smaller group like that makes it much easier to actually visit.