Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chili Cook-Off

Quartzsite, Arizona                  High 73 Low 45

Yesterday we had a Chili cook-off at Boomerville. One thing about this place, if you go hungry it’s your own fault.

There were 13 entries with chili and all the side dishes you could want. The voting was by the whole group, with each person getting 3 votes. As always, there was way too much to eat. Other people must have liked the same one I did, because it got the most votes.

There are different seminars throughout the day and into the evening. Last night we watched a slide presentation on the balloon fest at Albuquerque. It is almost two week with the Boomers helping various balloon crews. There are lots of balloons and is very colorful. There are also pot lucks dinners and happy hours. It sounds like another Boomerville. It is held the end of September and the first part of October.

Cindy got a picture of the activity board for today and it looks very full.
We also had another pancake breakfast for CARE. This time there was bacon. It was very good again.
I ended up going to the I phone talk and the electrical and solar talk. Cindy went to a polymer clay demonstration.

We had another happy hour and while there we had a blimp go over taking pictures. There was also a BLM ranger at happy hour that talked to us about some of the rumors concerning changes to road stoppages, fees, and so on. Mostly things are going to stay the same, which was good news.
This blimp was huge, although the picture doesn't look like it.
This evening there was another spectacular sunset and Cindy got lots of pictures.

Penny had to see what was going on.
We leave tomorrow for Yuma (actually Pilot Knob in California) to get dental work, glasses and meds in Algodones.

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  1. We volunteered at the balloon fest at Albuquerque in 2010. It was a wonderful experience. So much fun.

    Can't wait to get there on Thursday and see that gorgeous sky! Safe travels.