Friday, January 16, 2015

Made It To Boomerville

Quartzsite, Arizona                       High 72 Low 45

We left the Escapee parking and move to Boomerville yesterday afternoon. We decided to move at about 10 minutes to four, and were parked and all set up by 4:25. It was a very short move. And have I said how much I like the Level-ups?
These are from the Escapee Happy Hour.

Going into Boomerville and their Happy Hour.
We left the Escapee happy hour and got to Boomerville just is time for their happy hour. At the Escapee area the noise from the Interstate was very noticeable. It is so much quieter her that there is no comparison. Right now there are 64 rigs here, which is about half of what was here 2 years ago, but it is still early in the year.

Yesterday morning we drove through part of Quartzsite looking at some of the sights and visiting Gem World, where we bought some seed beads, getting ready for Bead Week at North Ranch.
You see all kinds of vehicles in Quartzsite.
Today we wanted to go see some of the vendors at Tyson Wells. We decided while we were out to let LeMesa RV buy us a pancake breakfast.  
We then went to Tyson Well, which is across the road from the big tent, and walked through some of the rows of vendors selling everything you might think you need and much more. There were a lot of people there but not too bad. Of course we were there fairly early in the day.

Just what every dog needs, a cowboy hat. Wally really looks thrilled.
The big tent show starts tomorrow and we have been advised to wait a couple of days, because it is so packed for the opening and the weekend.

The Boomers seem to have a lot going on every day and it seems like it will be fun for everyone.
Happy Hour with the Boomers today.
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