Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Moved to The Escapee Group

Quarzsite, Arizona                                High 66 Low 43

You are probably getting tired of all the nice days,………………but! It is supposed to be a little cooler tonight. The only bad part, there weren't enough clouds for a nice sunset.

We started the day out by going to breakfast at the Emerald Cove Activity Center. Wednesday is biscuit and sausage gravy day. It was as good as last time. They seem to get a good turnout.

We waited until 11:00 to leave for Quartzsite. We stopped in Parker for a few things from the grocery store. We didn’t have a bit of wind going to Quartzsite. It was a lot calmer than yesterday.

I don’t know what gets into my GPS, but it wanted me to go straight west for 22 miles and then turn and go through Blyth, instead of just turning left at the road to Parker which is only 6 miles. As soon as it decided I wasn't going the way it told me, 45 minutes disappeared from our arrival time even with the stop at the grocery store. It is really a good thing I don’t blindly obey it.

We arrived at the Escapee group site at about 12:30 and they were just setting up for Happy Hour (actually Happy 2 Hours). It started just after 1:00 and there was a lot of food. There was a singer, whom I didn't get his name, and a lot of introductions. They talked about Escapade in Tucson this year and asked how many were going to It. It looked like a lot of the crowd planned on being there, us included.

Me with my little pal.

He did a good job singing old country songs.

A group of ladies even got up and line danced.

Someone was flying a drone taking pictures of all the crowd and RVs. From the picture, you can see how clear the day was.
We will stay here with the Escapee group until Friday morning and then will move over to Boomerville. It is only a little further east along the frontage road and then south about 2 ½ miles on the dirt (Mitchell Mine) road.   The Escapee Rally (?) will end tomorrow afternoon.

I think the tent show starts on Saturday, but we will wait until Monday to check it out.

Thanks for visiting.                            


  1. Avoiding the first couple days that the tent is open, is a good idea.

  2. Ray, your profile pic is too small for my purposes. Please have someone take a few pix of you, Cindy and Penny. Penny is pretty cute! Not quite as cute as Mozey, but close. We can have a contest when you visit, I'm sure they will get along great (Penny will kick his butt, he's a wimp). Please text or email them soon! I promise to visit your blog more often so I know where you are.