Monday, January 5, 2015

I’m Glad We Weren't Driving Today

Fort Mohave, Arizona                                   High 68 Low 48

It was warm today and we enjoyed the day just staying at home. 68 degrees for a high felt really nice.

Cindy went to the clubhouse for exercises this morning. I did drive to the Post Office this morning and had to stop at the bank (both are close to each other, about 3/4 of a mile away). Other than that, I was kind of lazy today.

The wind was so strong that we would have been in trouble if we had to go anywhere with the trailer today. We have to leave Wednesday and I hope the wind stops before that.

They have some things scheduled at the clubhouse tomorrow which we plan on going to.

Wednesday for lunch they are having hamburgers, and I asked if we could stay until after lunch and the office assured me it would be no problem. We only have a 2 hour drive on Wednesday.

There was another pretty sunset tonight. It wasn't quite as pretty as last night because there were far less clouds, but still had a lot of color. You have to like this Arizona weather.

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