Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Good News

Riverton, Utah High 75 Low 48

It has been a nice day today.

Cindy went in for her 6 month test. The Doctor told her she thought the shadow they saw was merely how she was built, and therefore nothing to worry about. She was good to go until her normal check-up in December.

We are going to leave tomorrow morning, but will only make it to Coalville, Utah. We will be staying at the Camperworld Park there, mainly because with Memorial Day this coming weekend, we didn't think we would be able to get into any other Parks. We plan on leaving there next Monday, and heading toward Rapid City. We will probably have to boondock for a couple of nights, but are hoping for a Campground near Rapid City. Our plans after that are kind of loose, but we want to head east, and most likely will end up in Canada for a while, but we shall see.

I have already talked to my son Chad, who lives on Tybee Island near Savannah, Georgia, about staying in their driveway when we get that far this fall. He said he thinks we will fit. I like Savannah and hope Cindy will like it also.

We have been busy quilting and piecing and Cindy finally took some pictures of the Quilts we have been working on.

The binding isn't finished.
Cindy has been working on the Santa blocks for several years, and wasn't sure how she wanted to make them into a quilt but she finally decided how she wants to put them into a quilt. She has been working on the embroidery frames and applique since we have been home.

Lots of hours embroidering!
These have been a lot of work for Cindy, but she seems to enjoy doing them. She is fond of the Santa's because it reminds her of her grandmother. So it's a labor of love. She tells me that the blocks are only about half finished.

She plans on taking her regular sewing machine and her embroidery machine with us this time so she can finish the Santa quilt and work on the Hummel quilt we saw in Fairbanks while we are gone this time.

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  1. What a talent to create such beautiful quilts. We like to stay at a Passport America in Hermosa while visiting Rapid City area. I think it is called Heartland. There's a pizza shop on the next road north of the park called Luntz's that is to die for. We got ours to go and had 3 meals out of one.