Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day 34 June 5, 2013

Fairbanks, Alaska  

Today was very cold compared to what it has been. It rained a good part of the day. We had decided to move to Wal-Mart in Fairbanks for 2 days. After all the rain we got, it was a good decision. The large lot we were in would have become a mud hole. This is the first Wal-Mart I have ever seen that has a section marked off for RVs, with RV stalls marked on the asphalt. We asked about staying and were told yes, but don’t block the fire lanes. We took that to mean where we are. There are a lot of RVs here. Maybe it’s an Alaskan thing, but there are also 120 volt outlets by a lot of the car stalls. I think they must be to plug your block heater into in the winter.

We decided to go look at quilt shops, and found three. In one of them there is a Hummel embroidered quilt that was exquisite. Now Cindy wants to make it when we get home. She has the Hummel patterns for her machine, but unfortunately she doesn't have the Hummel thread and doesn't know where to get it. There used to be a kit that had the same thread colors as the actual Hummel figurines, but doesn't seem to be in production any more. As least she hasn't been able to find it anywhere.

We both liked this quilt.

After we went to the quilt shops we went to a Car Museum. It was laid out with period clothing by the cars. We started at the oldest an 1899 Hertel and worked our way around to the newest, a 1935 model. By a 1911 Everett there was a clothing rack that said we could put the clothes on and sit in the car and take pictures. We took each other’s pictures, and I decided to see if we could get anyone to take both our pictures. The receptionist said it wasn't very busy so she would be happy to take our picture. There was an audio player they let us take, and most of the cars and some clothing had a number by it. You dialed in the number and could listen to a description of what you were looking at. There were also many pictures and videos of the era. I felt that it is very well presented, and Cindy said it was the very best old car museum she has ever been in. We have looked at other old cars displays, and for her at least, it has been ho hum. She really enjoyed this one and we both feel that if you are in the Fairbanks area, this museum should not be missed. The entry price has gone up from $8.00 to $10.00, but it is in the Alaska Tour Book, so really only cost $5.00 each.

Don't we make a handsome couple in this 1911 model.

The first Snow Mobile in 1917.


The one one the left is completely original.


 Almost $6000.00 in 1932.

That was the end of our day, Thanks for visiting.


  1. That's a great idea to put the clothing beside the car. And you guys look great.

  2. You do make a handsome couple.

    Good luck with the quilt. I look forward to seeing the finished product.