Thursday, June 13, 2013

Riley Creek Campground, Denali National Park Day 41, June 12, 2013

Our only wildlife of the day.
The day was a very nice sunshiny day. We went to the Visitor Center and went to a Ranger presentation on wolves in the Park. She said there were presently 29 wolves in the Park, so we feel very fortunate for being able to see 2 of them last Sunday. She told how they are tranquilized and have tracking collars put on them. This helps to see where they go and how many there are. She also talked about what they eat.  Of the larger animal, they usually kill the very old, sickly, or hurt ones. They will also go after the very young. She had charts that show how many wolves there were in the park for the last several years. We had been told by our bus driver that the pack we saw, last year had 29 wolves, and was down to 2 this year.

Our campsite.

We came back to the trailer and Cindy sewed for a while and then we had lunch. We decided after lunch to go for a walk on the nature trail to the Visitor Center.

This is a game trail, but no game.

This train bridge goes over the creek and trail. 

Cindy took lots of pictures of the moss and spring wild flowers. She even got a picture of a bumble bee busy at work.

We looked at some of the exhibits, and then walked back home. We also walked around the campground later this afternoon. We walked about 4 miles today, and have been slackers for a while, and my legs are tired tonight.

Tonight for dinner we decided to have a campfire and roast hot dogs and have smores for dessert. Cindy says it is the only time I will cook dinner, but I don’t think that is true.

Strawberry flavored smore.

Overall it has been a pretty relaxed day. We have decided to head for Talkeetna tomorrow.

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  1. The little black Devils, aka mosquitoes? They are not too bad if you use a lot of deet.