Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Seward, Alaska Day 47, June 18, 2013

Today we left Anchorage and headed south on the Seward Highway. We talked about it and decided to go to Seward first. It was another beautiful day, and there was lots of beautiful scenery. As we went along the Turnagain Arm, it looked like the tide had gone out a lot further than Sunday. There were lots of sandbars and shallow channels along the way.

We got going up the mountain and there were still patches of snow. All the rivers seem to be full. Again, there was lots of beautiful scenery. We saw several large lakes in the mountains. 

Here we are parked at a rest stop in the mountains.

A large Lake in the mountains.

As we got closer to Seward, we saw a pond covered with lily pads and flowers. Across the pond from us there was a swan building a nest. Her mate was swimming nearby us and looked like he was feeding. There was also another bird over by the swan. We couldn't tell what it was doing. It stayed in one place, and might have been building a nest.

From the door of our camper.

We saw the turn to the Exit Glacier, and plan on seeing it Thursday. We went into town and found the city RV Park. It is located right by the water. Dry camping is $15.00 and with electrical is $30.00. We found one space that let us park parallel to the beach. We had found one that we could have backed in, but are much happier with the one we have. Cindy took a picture from the door of our 5er, looking right at the beach.

We found out there is a quilt store in Seward, so we had to go check it out. There were several quilts we liked. Cindy found a pattern and a quilt book that we bought. Some of the quilts are to give Cindy ideas on her Alaska quilt.

Cindy can't resist taking pictures of wild flowers.
After that we went to the end of the road, and found a state park where you could walk down to the beach. There were a group of kayaks getting ready to go out on the bay. There was also more nice scenery, and we got a few more pictures.

Getting ready.

Further out.

In town we saw this school bus that had been converted into an indoor diner for a fast food place.

Tomorrow we are going on a sightseeing cruise.

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  1. What a great idea for a restaurant, but it doesn't look like it caters to