Thursday, June 20, 2013

Seward, Alaska Day 49, June 20, 2013

 This morning we went to town in Seward. Cindy wanted a picture of the start of the Iditarod trail. There is a marker by the water. She also got some pictures of some tiles on a building that changed color as the sun shone on it and you moved past it.
This is the library/museum.

 We had seen what we thought was a cafe, called The Train Wreck. It looked like it was originally three train cars, but now part was cafe, part was a bike repair shop, and part was a motel.
Inside the train wreck.

A view point on the way to the glacier.
 We then went to see Exit Glacier. It is located about 10 miles from Seward, and you can walk almost to it. Along the road going to the glacier there are signs with dates on them. They signify where the glacier was at the year on the sign. It is interesting to see how much the glacier has receded in the past 200 years. At one point on the trail there is a picture that says the glacier was at the point we were standing on in 1998. There was another picture of the glacier in 2007, and it has receded a lot in the last 6 years.

From the view point.

 Cindy got some more pictures of flowers and plants on our walk. It was interesting to see how the different vegetation has grown on the parts of the land as the glacier retreats.
Part of the trail to the glacier view point.

At a view point on the lower trail.

Cindy has no idea what this plant is, but thought it looked pretty.

 After we went to the glacier, we went to the other side of Resurrection Bay to the end of the road. There is a very large boat dry dock that had lots of boats that looked like they were being worked on. We got to see a large boat mover moving one of the boats over the dry ground.
Some of the boats in the dry dock, or should I say boneyard?

 And of course, some more flower pictures.

This evening we went down to the fish harbor and watched some men filleting some fish. The fish were some that the fish charters had taken people out to catch. Most were then bagged and quick frozen and shipped to the people’s homes. It seemed like there were a lot of Halibut caught today.

We are planning on leaving here tomorrow, but don’t have a firm idea where we will stop, but are going to head toward Homer.

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