Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teklanika Campground Day 39 June 10, 2013

Just singin' in the rain.
Today it rained almost all day. I am sure glad we went to see the Park yesterday instead of today. It was raining so much that I decided to try to wash some of the mud off the truck and trailer. When it let up a little, I went out with my brush and got a lot of the dirt off. I put a pan under one of the places water was running off the trailer and collected enough water to do a fairly good job of cleaning. Now if only we get some drier roads when we go out to the Campground by the Park entry.

Cindy spent most of the day sewing. Who would have guessed? The solar managed to keep up with the quilting, in spite of all the rain. I still haven't had to start the generator yet. I did have my doubts part of the day.

We will leave for Riley Creek Campground tomorrow, where we plan on spending one day, but may make it two or three. We hope to have internet there or in Healey so we can post.

Another braided river.

 This quilt covers a lot of the wall in the Eiason Visitor Center on the way to Wonder Lake. The sign said she hand died a lot of the material.

A picture of the forest where the early miners got their lumber. 

Wonder Lake.

A beaver lodge on one of the larger kettle ponds.

It looked almost straight down with no shoulder.

Not much happened today except watch the rain come down, so are adding some pictures from yesterday.

Sorry this post is so short, but thanks for visiting.


  1. The quilting work in the mountains and the river is amazing..... Have to have a really good idea of how things need to turn out before starting in on that long arm....... Rod

  2. Wow, Cindy is quite talented - that's a beautiful quilt!

    1. Cindy wishes she could take credit for the quilt, but is one on display in the Eielson Visitor Center in the Park. We don't know who made it.