Sunday, April 23, 2017

Getting Ready to Travel

Riverton, Utah        High 67 Low 45

We have been working hard to get things ready so we can take the trip with Linda and Cindy’s Mom. They plan on taking their motor home while we will take our truck and fifth wheel. Most of the time we will stay in Parks with Coast to Coast and a few days with Passport America.

Linda has planned about 4 months of travel through the mid-west and as far east as Ohio. Then we will go to Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, then ending at Rapid City before we come back to Utah about the end of August. I don’t mind winging it, but Linda likes to plan it out.

We have a few places we want to see again on the way. Cindy’s Mom wants to see most of the Great Lakes. It should be a nice time of year to travel where we are going.

I have had some sheet-rock repairs I have worked on which included painting. I still have to make sure the truck is ready to go. I got a new tire pressure monitor that I want to install on the truck and trailer tires.

I also worked on getting the place where the new water line got put in ready for grass seed. According to the directions on the seed, the daytime temperatures need to be from 60 to 80. Since it won’t be getting to 60 for about a week, I’ll have to wait to actually plant the seeds.

By the way, we plan on leaving on the 11th of May.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Riverton, Utah         High 69 Low 51

Perfect weather today. Rain is forecast for next week.

Taylor and Skyler got Easter baskets filled with lots of goodies. They seemed happy to get them. They probably got too much candy but I volunteered to help them, which they declined. lol
Skyler and Taylor.

Skyler and his stash.

 Taylor got almost the same things.

Penny had to have her picture taken.
Today Cindy hadn’t planned on making Easter dinner, but she must have changed her mind. She and Heather made a wonderful ham dinner with all the fixings. She even got out her Easter dishes and Easter egg napkin holders.

As always we have both been very busy. Cindy has been cleaning closets. I’ve quilted some more. We also found another water leak, which I’m in the process of repairing. We have a freeze less faucet to fill our swimming pool that decided to get a hole in it. It only leaked when the water was turned on but made quite a mess in a short time. It looks like electrolysis where it went through the foundation got to it. I’m planning on using duct tape to insulate it from the concrete so it doesn’t happen again. Good thing for Duct Tape. 

Chris didn’t like my shelves in the garage and is in the process of putting everything in milk crates (I’ll never be able to find anything).

I hope you and yours all had a Happy Easter.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Poutines With Ted

Riverton, Utah           High 59 Low 36

It was a lot warmer (for here) that yesterday and last night. At least all the snow is gone. Yea!

I had my doctor's appointment early this morning and found out with the exception of the cholesterol every thing else looked OK. about 2 months ago my leg hurt so much that I could hardly walk and had read previously that statins for cholesterol could cause leg pain so I quit taking the pills for about a week and the pain went away. So I thought to make sure I would take 1/2 of the prescribed amount and it only took 4 days before my legs started hurting again, so I quit taking any of them. I told the doctor all of this and he said that I did exactly what he would have told me to do, but my cholesterol is back up so he prescribed a different medication and said to try it. It is also a much lower dosage.

We had some business in Salt Lake today and we had found out that my son Ted and Jen would be at the Gateway mall during lunch so we decided to finally catch up with them and have some poutines for lunch. The orders were huge and oh so tasty. Cindy and I both left feeling plenty full. They promised to come and see us this week end and bring my little grand son.
Cindy and Ted.

The orders are huge. Hard to tell from the picture.

Some wild painting.

Lots of business.
When we finally got finished with the stuff in Salt Lake and got home I finished another quilt that I had started yesterday. I still have lots of quilts to do.

Chris and I then went to get a china hutch for Tammy from Linda that had belonged to her grand parents but she didn't want any more. Tammy wanted it to help remind her of her great grand mother.There was a lot of traffic both ways driving to Orem. I'm glad there isn't near as much traffic in Yuma in the Winter. Our trip to Salt Lake City was in the middle of the day, so the traffic wasn't near so bad.

Tomorrow Penny gets her heart worm check and shot. I know she won't be happy about going to the vet, but it is necessary.

We also get our taxes tomorrow. I hope we don't owe too much.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Snow, The Awful 4 Letter Word

Riverton, Utah       High 45 Low 30

We left summer behind in Yuma and came to Utah in winter. Yesterday it rained most of the day and it started to snow at about 7:30 last night and the temperature fell to below freezing (there goes all the fruit).

When we woke up this morning, the grass and roof were covered with snow.
Cindy's flowers got cover with snow.

Winter wonderland!

Poor little Penny didn't know how to react to all the snow.

We have been reading about some of our Yuma friends that have gotten quite ill this past week, so maybe we left in time to not get sick, but in time to welcome winter back.

This afternoon most of the snow had melted and it warmed up some, but is still cold compared to Yuma temperatures.

I have quilted three of Cindy's quilts this week.

Tomorrow I have to go see the doctor and get the results of the blood tests. I hope everything is still OK.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Back in Utah

Riverton, Utah         High 73 low 49

We drove all the way from Yuma to Riverton in one day. While it is a little over 700 miles and is a lot of driving in one day, it is doable.

The weather here is a lot cooler than in Yuma and if you're not used to it feels a little cool. I guess I became used to the 85 degree days and mid 60 degree nights. Salt Lake City is supposed to get down to freezing by this weekend and then I will really freeze.

This morning I went to see the vampires for blood tests before my Dr appointment next Monday. There was another man there getting blood drawn that they had trouble getting enough blood so the ended up going into both arms. At least mine went well.

We got some other things done and have a lot to do before we leave with Cindy's Mom and Sister next month. I have a lot of quilts to finish up. Cindy wants to get her quilt blocks ready for her class next year in Yuma.

We will probably go see Linda this week-end for the schedule of places to stay and see where we are going this summer.

I hope to write more while we are traveling.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Social to Social to Social

Yuma, Arizona             High 84 Low 60

It got a touch warm this afternoon, but this evening is very pleasant.

We started the week by going to a pot-luck Monday afternoon. There was lots of food.

Tuesday we were going to go to Outback Steakhouse to have one of their triple blooming onions we saw advertised on TV for lunch, The only obstacle was that  the Outback in Yuma had closed down so we ended up going to Lin's Buffet instead. At Lin's if you leave hungry, it's your own fault.

Wednesday evening we had a dinner for the shuffle board players. We had Lasagna with a spinach salad. It was very good.

Thursday we were good and ate normally.

Friday we had a dinner for all the volunteers in the park. The main coarse was prime rib which was about the best I've ever had. It seems that the chief chef for the Park really had a terrible meal for the owners ball and I think they were trying to make up for it. The meal was by far the best we have ever had in this Park.

Saturday we ate moderately again.

But today was another story. Cindy had a ladies final social of the year at three. They we had a pizza social put on by our neighbor at four o'clock. Her son-in-law and daughter own the two la-Boys pizzas in Yuma and we had many different, delicious pizzas to chose from. The was so much pizza, that she had everyone take some home with them.

There were about 50 people at this social.

After the pizza social, I went to the last Sundae Sunday of the season. After all the food this last week, I'm going to have to go on a diet.

Penny got a hair cut and is turning back to her copper color but this picture doesn't show it. I'm sure she is a lot cooler with short hair.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Still Lots Going On

Yuma, Arizona               High 79 Low 59

The weather the last week has been Hot! At least it has cooled off some.

Tonight we have a dinner for the shuffle board plays and their wives. It should be fun. They plan on playing shuffle board after using the court lights for a couple of hours.

We had an American Coach rally here last week, but most of them have left along with a lot of the Canadians whom have headed home for the season.

The Park sent out an email saying that congress was considering allowing Canadians over 55 to stay in the US for 8 months instead of the current 6 months without any IRS consequences. I don't know if it would make any difference to the people that come into Yuma because it get so hot, but it would be a move in the right direction.

One of the residents had a happy hour with a skit about the old west. They told us that the skit went different every time they did it, but it was a lot of fun for the spectators.
This is Lynn, the lady whose home the happy hour was held at.

The man in the white shirt, Mike, is the other half of Mike and Lynn.

By the time the 2 skits were over, all the players ended up getting shot.
Next Friday we have another meal sponsored by the Park for all the volunteers, and another one Sunday put on by our neighbor. Her son-in-law and daughter own two of the larger pizza stores in town and she is guessed it PIZZA.

We are still staying busy. Cindy says she has finished 10 quilts since we've been here and will soon have number 11 completed. I guess I'm 11 more behind with my quilting but I don't think I would like having my machine here. I would be doing nothing but quilting instead of playing.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Shuffle Board Tournament

Yuma, Arizona            High 95 Low 65

The weather here has been very, very hot (98) yesterday, which I am told is at least 10 degrees warmer than usual.

We had a shuffle board tournament in our Park this week. Our Park had 30 entrants and there were 130 in all from all the Parks in Yuma.

At first they scheduled 4 games per day, but the number of entrants is down from last year so they cut it back to 3 games per day. The third game was very uncomfortably hot so it was good that we only had three. They think the numbers are down because a lot of people have gone home already and the tournament is two weeks later than other years.

I volunteered to help as one of the score keepers when I wasn't playing.
As score keepers, we get to watch the games.

This game was played on Monday afternoon and the lady in pink played half the game and then forfeited because of the heat.
Each entrant was guaranteed 2 games even if they lost. My first game we were pretty evenly matched until my opponent managed to put me in the -10 spot and I couldn't get caught up. This made my second game on Tuesday.

I won the second game but the third game we were neck and neck the whole game until the final two shots. My opponent made her shot and I failed to hit her out so I am through with the tournament.

It was fun for a few days and I even like to help keep score, but I am taking tomorrow off to just relax a little bit.

Our time here in Yuma is growing short, but we are still trying to stay busy having fun.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

One More Quilt Show

Yuma, Arizona         High 93 Low 63

The weather has been very warm for the last few days. It is supposed to get up to 97 by Tuesday. At least we can't say we are cold.

We went to a quilt show, which is any annual thing at the Park across the road from us. While the show isn't terribly large, there are some very talented quilters there. It is a very large Park.

Cindy asked about the quilt group in their Park and she was told it was very active. When she asked about joining them, she was told absolutely not. You must be a resident of their Park with no outsiders allowed. The quilt show entries must also be from their Park.

With one of the shuffle board leagues I play in, we get to go to other Parks to play and my impression of the same Parks shufflers was that they are too serious about winning and not so much in having fun like in our Park. I would go over to their Park again, but with no great expectations.

With all that said, below are some of the quilts we got to see.

 There were lots of kids quilts.

The different colors are different pieces of material.

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