Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Temple of Tolerance

Wapakometa, Ohio        High 79 Low 65

The weather here has been nice but more rain is forecast.

Yesterday we went to The Temple of Tolerance which we found on Roadside America.

The Temple of Tolerance looks like it should be in an artist-hippie enclave like Sonora, Arizona, or Taos, New Mexico -- not in the back yard of a suburban home in Wapakoneta, Ohio, birthplace of Neil Armstrong.
The yard belongs to Jim Bowsher, self-described "master" of the Temple. He took 18 years to build it. The Temple and its satellite shrines occupy all of the space behind Jim's home -- and that's a lot of space, because Jim owns the entire center of the block, roughly equal to about two dozen Wapakoneta back yards. It's unexpected and well-hidden; people driving past Jim's front door on Wood Street probably don't even know it's back there.

Roadside America said to walk down his driveway into the backyard which we did. At first we were kind of leery about continuing but as we got further and further into the maze-like back yard it finally open up to where the Temple is located. I think Linda and Cindy were expecting Norman Bates to jump out and get us. We also found a driveway with a gate that my Mother-in-law could get into see all the shrines.

Too narrow for the scooter.

We thought it was kind of different and were about to leave when Jim Browsher showed up. He then proceeded to tell us about his latest shrine, a tribute to all the fallen veterans from Ohio since it became a state.

Jim told us that the plastic cylinder was made for him at a loss to the manufacturer.

He shook hands with each of us.

This gives you lots of somber things to think about.
The tall clear cylinder contains exactly 71,388 shell casings, which Jim told us is the number of fallen from Ohio. He told us he even got the numbers from the CIA and all the wars we have fought in since the war of 1812. He told us that he had gone to Dunkirk with his metal detector and to various Civil War locations to get the shell casings. He said that the sign for the monument was being made and would be installed soon. He said he spent two and a half years picking up shell casings to make the monument.

He told us a little more about what we were looking at and it made the displays much more interesting. 

This stone was carried to Ohio by glaciers from the ice age and then carved by water.

Old mill stones at the entrance to the temple.

Here we are at the top.

Every rock and gate have some meaning for Jim. He was interesting to talk to.
Cindy took this picture of me taking a picture of Linda.

Cindy and Linda at the top.

Another glacier rock.

Viet Nam Memorial.

No idea.
The monument is only about 2 miles from the RV Park and the no cost price is right. If you would like to learn more look on Roadside America. It really made it more interesting to have Jim tell us about what we were looking at and if you go I suggest you call him and make an appointment. His phone number is on Roadside America.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Wapakoneta, Ohio        High 72 Low 52

Cindy got a picture of a farmers market we went to in Howe and a picture of the field next to the RV Park there.

We had a short driving day yesterday. We stopped at the Spangler Candy Company in Bryan, Ohio on the way. They are the home of  Dum-Dums and also make candy canes.

We took the Trolley ride through there plant, but no pictures were allowed. I rode by the driver and he was a lot more knowledgeable about the plant than the guide. He told me that the plant is up to 13 million Dum-Dums per day. The wrapping is all automated.

Everyone has to wear a hair net, even though I don't have much hair.

We were told that 500 employees work at the candy making and packaging plant. The driver, jokingly, ask me after we heard how many employees there were, how many worked there. I told him 500 and he replied, no, only about half.

After the trolley ride we went back to the gift shop and were given all the samples we wanted. They have many different flavors. Some have been around a long time and some, not so long.

It is a family run company with it looked like the fourth generation now in charge.

After we left the Candy Company we drove on to Wapakoneta, we drove through a lot of back roads because the main highway was closed. Some of the roads in Lima were so small that we really shouldn't have been there. Cindy got panicky when she saw a 13' 8" sign on one of the bridges, but we were OK.
A neat old building we passed.
When we got here at Arrowhead Lakes RV Park and got set up, Linda came running to us and said that their Mom had fallen and needed my help getting her up. Linda thought she had hit her head and took her to the ER to get checked to make sure everything was OK. They couldn't see anything but told her to watch her and make sure she didn't start having head aches.

Today is another nice day, but a bit on the cool side.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

We Move Tomorrow

Howe, Indiana         High 70 Low 54

We had a nice day today with lots of sunshine. Hey! No Rain.

We leave here tomorrow for Iowa. We have about 3 hours drive time which will be nice.

We will be in the next Park for only four days. Then me move further east in Ohio for three nights. We had a little problem over the fourth but Coast to Coast got it resolved. We reserved a Park for a week starting on the night of the third back in the middle of April. Then about 2 weeks ago Coast to Coast informed us that the RV Park was overbooked and we would have to go to another Park that was in the opposite direction from where we wanted to go. Anyway after we complained, they decided to honor the original reservation.

We are stopping at a candy factory for a tour on our way to the next RV Park. With only three hours of drive time, we decided we would be able to do it.

About the only thing we did over the weekend was go to Rise n Roll Bakery for samples and more fritters. Sorry no pictures.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Shipshewana Quilt Show

Howe, Indiana              High 74 Low 58

We had our night and morning rain again. By 11:00 the rain stopped but it stayed cloudy until this evening.

We got a few more pictures of some of the old buildings in the area.

This is the club house for a golf course we drove past.

We went to the Quilt Show in Shipshewana. The Event Center is attached to the Hudson Museum and admission to the Quilt Show also got us into the Museum.
There were a lot of really nice quilts in the show. A few we saw in the Salt Lake Show. When we got there the parking lot was full and when we left it was only half full but more about that later.

This quilt won best in show.

We looked at some of the venders first then went into see the quilts. My favorite was a large embroidery quilt. It didn’t win a prize though.
My personal favorite.
We went in to see the Hudson’s that had a lot of old quilts on them. We sow one that the sign said was sewn in the 1800s. One that Cindy didn’t get picture of was quite worn and was about 150 years old.

 It was in good condition for such an old quilt.

Remember that Truman won!

 I'm glad I wasn't the one counting triangles.

We found one quilt that was made from silk pictures that came packaged with cigarettes. They were included until the First World War, then they lost favor.

It was also interesting to see the old Hudson’s. The front of the Museum had the older ones then worked up until they were no longer produced. The first ones had right hand drive and one 1925 was also right hand drive.

When we got ready to leave, the only road into the parking lot was block by a bus that had turned too soon and got hung up on some rocks so everyone had to drive across the grass to get out. The grass was getting pretty torn up because it was so wet from all the rain.
I guess the driver forgot how long the bus was.
We enjoyed seeing all the quilts and the cars.

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