Saturday, June 23, 2018

Made it to The Ocean

Ocean City, Oregon             High 62 Low 53

We made it as far West and North as we plan on going this trip. We will be here for a few days to relax (as if we needed that) and see what is here. It rained some last evening.

We are at the Ocean Breeze RV Resort. It is a KM Park and seems to be a very nice Park.  The sites are nice and wide and easy to get into.

Yesterday afternoon we drove into Ocean Beach to go to the grocery store and to see the local Quilt shop. And yes, we did buy material this time. Cindy spotted a panel she wanted and so she got it and the material and pattern to finish a throw.

While we were there we could see something going on at the Convention Center, so we went to check it out. It turned out to be what they called a Sand and Sawdust Festival. There were some sand carvings set up in the parking lot. And there were a lot of chainsaw wood carvers. They did very nice work! Cindy got lots of pictures of them working and their finished products.

These kids were having fun playing in the sand.

Most had a lot of intricate carving.

There were also a lot of other vendors and had displays inside the Convention Center. The first thing we spotted as we went in was a large quilt hanging on the wall. She also got some ideas of how to turn Sand Dollars into jewelry.

We found another row of wood carving when we went back outside.

There is an auction each afternoon to purchase some of the wood carvings. There were lots of them waiting to be sold.

Today we are going to the beach to let Penny run and play. We were also told that there in sand castle carving going on there. I hope so, so that Cindy gets to see them this time.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Made it to Randle

Randle, Washington         High 89 Low 60

When we got here it was very warm but later this afternoon we had thunder showers with a little hail which cooled us off.

We are staying at The Cascade Peaks RV Park. This is the kind of Park that if we weren't getting it free, we would look elsewhere. I thought the last Park didn't have much going for it but this one has less. We have 30 Amp power which with one AC will be plenty and we are only staying 2 nights. The reason we are here is because it is about half way between the last campground and the coast. Also because of some of Coast to Coast's rules. With all that said, we will be fine here. The sites are long and wide with some grass. They don't seem to be very busy, so there is plenty of room between us and our neighbors. we were told to just find a site we wanted and leave the card the lady in the office made out for me on our power pole. This end of the country seems to be more laid back about which sites are used than we are used to.

On the way here we had to go up a fairly steep hill that seemed to go on for miles. Then when we got to the top there were many miles of down grade. When we started up the hill, either a grey fox or a coyote ran across the road in front of us. It was a little way ahead and was up the hill so fast that I couldn't be sure which it was.

We stopped at one view area and got a good view of Mount Rainier. It was pretty impressive.
Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in the Cascade Range and the highest in the state of Washington.

While we were going through the small town of Packwood we noticed a lot of wood carvings. We knew we wanted to go back and get some pictures of the Liquor Store/ Fabric Store, so we waited till we went back to get pictures of the carvings.

This one is in front of the town Library.

 This totem pole is in front of a museum in Packwood.

The Fabric store is attached to the liquor store and a couple own both sides. We thought that was kind of unique. I guess the men get to go buy booze while the wife shops for fabric.

And guess what? We didn't buy any fabric!

Add caption
 These two are in front of ............................The Town Fire Station!

This looks like a lot of intricate carving.

 These last two were some carvings we found in the Park where we are staying.

 We have been in this area before, so we will just hang out till Friday when we move further West.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Middle of Nowhere

Othello, Washington          High 87 Low 59

While it has been warm in the daytime, it has been cool and nice for sleeping.

We are currently at The O'Sullivan Sportsman's Resort Near Potholes Reservoir at about the middle of Washington. While the address is Othello, Washington We are about 20 miles from any towns.

 The sites are very long and seem to be wide enough.

 The building in the background is a large club house. There doesn't seem to be any activities going on but the Park is full of boats, to fish and play on the nearby reservoir.

Over the weekend, there were lots of people here with lots of kids. Now there aren't very many  people here.

Last Saturday we drove to Moses Lake to get some batteries for our tire pressure monitors. It is quite a drive through mostly open field. We feel like we were driving through Nebraska, low rolling hills and lots of crops in the fields.

This Park is really laid back about where you stop. When we got to the office I was told to just drive around and find a site I wanted to park in. The office manager told me there probably weren't very many 50 amp sites available but we were able to find one.

We had read that there was no TV in this park but we were able to get the main networks and PBS so we are mostly good. One night it rained really hard and we lost any TV for about 12 hours but it finally came back.

In the Park there are a lot of what look like permanently parked RVs. There is one very old bus with a licence plate on it that I have never seen before in addition to the Washington plate:

I've never before seen a Gitmo Bay license plate.

The wi-fi is this Park is not very good and our Verizon service is very spotty.

We leave here in the morning for Randle Washington on our way to the Coast. We have been in Randle before but in a different Park.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Today Is Our Anniversary

Newport, Washington           High 67 Low 45

It has been cloudy and cool all day.It is supposed to warm up later in the week.

Today Cindy and I have been married for 21 years. When we got married we didn't realize the whole country would celebrate the same day (Flag Day) but it helps us to remember.

The whole 21 years haven't been all smooth sailing, but the good by far out-weighs the not so good.

My daughter, Sabrina decided to give us a gift certificate so we could go out tonight. The place she picked was in Priest River, Idaho which is about 5 miles from us and the food was good.

The restaurant has a 1950's motif and we enjoyed see the way they decorated the walls.

Tomorrow we leave here for Othello, Washington which is a little closer to the coast. It is another Coast to Coast Park. When I looked on the RV Review website, the Park is rated quite high. 

We haven't done very much since we have been here with the exception of taking Penny to the groomer in Sandpoint. She has been freezing since.

I don't think there is much in the way of sight seeing at the next Park, but we both think we need a little slow time.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Happy Birthday Penny

Newport, Washington        High 56 Low 43

We feel like we are back to winter. It is another rainy day with more predicted. It is supposed to warm up some by the time we leave here.

Today Penny is four years old. She was only ten weeks old when we got her and she weighed 2 pounds 4 ounces. Now she is clear up to 6 pounds 4 ounces, what a little fatty (not really).

This is a fairly recent picture.
When we first got her she couldn't even climb the stairs in our fifth wheel, now she runs up and down any stairs.

She was about 3 months old in this picture.

When we got her from an Amish farmer in Pennsylvania the farmers daughter had to say good-by. Then when we got about a mile away, she promptly threw up on Cindy as she had never been in a car before. Now the only time she gets car sick is on the roller coaster road between Needles and Parker. She thinks she gets to go everywhere with us and is usually right.

This was taken in April on the way back to Utah and she wasn't feeling too well.

When we got her she was more the color of a Yorkie and the first time we got her back from the hair cutter, we both thought they had given us the wrong puppy because she was all white with a few black hairs. The black hairs have all disappeared and after each hair cut more of the original copper color have came back until now she is almost all the light brown color.

Penny has seen a lot of the country with us and probably doesn't really know where her home is except she wants to be with us all the time. When we were home in Riverton, Heather told us that she would either stay by the door and cry or sit on a chair and watch out the window for us to come back when we had to leave her home. No matter how long she has been alone, she acts really glad to see us when we get back and wants to be picked up so she can give us kisses.

We had fun last winter in the Yuma parade playing The Grinch and Max. I'm not sure who had the most fun, me or Penny.

Max was a big hit to the kids when she was in the parade.

Penny also likes to go play in the sand whenever we take her to a beach and hope to be able to let her run free this trip when we get to the coast.

I admit that I have spoiled her, but Cindy has helped. Here are a few more pictures of her.

Penny got a taste at the ice cream social.

A little black on her ears.

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