Sunday, October 16, 2016

Enjoying Our Time Together

Yuma, Arizona           High 93 Low 67

Right now it is 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Earlier this week the car read 102 degrees. I'm not looking forward to the electric bill because the AC has ran almost constantly during the day since we have been here.

After we got here one of the first thing we did was take Penny to the groomer. She looks a lot better and I'm sure she is a lot cooler.
We have been busy in the yard. Cindy went to the nursery and bought some tomato plants and planted cucumbers and squash. It almost seems like early spring in Utah due to all the gardening but this is all in pots.

I spent some time trimming our palm trees and the trash trees in the back (they are actually for shade, but drop lots of leaves and seed pods). Hopefully, by trimming them we don't get so much junk in our back yard like we did last year. I found out the hard way to pick up the palm trimmings with gloves and not bare hands. I ended up with lots of slivers from them.

We also planted a lemon tree which we hope will give us fruit some day. Our grapefruit tree doesn't seem to have as many grapefruit as last year but it might be because our neighbor told us that this summer was unusually hot. We have a small orange tree that looks pretty sickly.

Last night Cindy got some pictures of the full moon just after it came up. I picked what I thought were the best for this post.

The Park doesn't get things going till the first of November so it has been quiet as far as activities. There are a few people coming into the Park. I've seen one or two per day coming in.

We still haven't heard anything from UDOT about the house so that's still an unknown.

We talked to my sister-in-law last night and she says their Mom seems to be doing a little better and Linda is talking about taking her on a motor home trip this summer. She wants us to go with her but a lot depends on their mother. Linda thinks it might have to be a shorter trip than she originally planned but that is still OK.

Cindy has been busy sewing away and needs some white material but we still haven't made it to Grandma Jo's, but we will soon. She volunteered to have a quilt class making an easy baby quilt but that will wait until more people are here.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

It's Hot!

Yuma, Arizona          High 100 Low 70

Today we were both so excited about getting to Yuma that we woke up at 4:30 Arizona time. We spent the night in Laughlin, Nevada. Arizona doesn't change their clocks from Mountain Standard Time to Day Light Savings Time like Utah, so right now they are on the same time as Pacific. A little confusing? Our bodies are still on DST. It usually takes me about a week to adjust.

We had an uneventful drive to Yuma and had the car all unloaded by noon. The only thing it was starting to get uncomfortably warm for us. I actually saw a temperature on the car that said 102, but the official temperature was only (?) 100. Still plenty warm when we had frost 4 days ago. Tomorrow is suppose to cool off clear down to 99. (LOL)

Tomorrow Penny is scheduled to have a hair cut which she needs pretty badly. She probably will be a lot cooler. We were afraid she might get car sick on the roller coaster road (the road from Needles to Parker) but she slept most of the way. I didn't feed her this morning just in case.

We didn't have much traffic on the way here. Quartzsite is still pretty barren but there are a few die hard RVers there in the BLM sites. It didn't even look a little bit fun, but if that makes them happy.

Our Park still doesn't have many people here and all the things start up about Halloween time but we have things to do, so should be OK.

Sorry about no pictures.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Heading South

Riverton, Utah          High 70 Low 45

The weather here has been a lot cooler lately but warmed up some today. The snow (the awful 4 letter word) has been getting lower on the mountains.

Today we had an fabric estate sale to go to and found lots of treasures. We were able to get some large pieces of material for a dollar, one of which I measured was exactly 5 yards.There were lots of other treasures also. Cindy found one Anita Goodesign embroidery disc that sold for $75 she got for five dollars.
After the estate sale we had a funeral for one of my cousins to attend. He was barely 59 but last December had a stroke and was in bad shape. Cindy and I both wondered if it was made worse because they live in a small town and it took a while to get him to a hospital.

We have been packing the car to get ready to drive to Yuma tomorrow. Last year I told Cindy that I felt like the Beverly Hillbilly's because the car was so full. This year might even be worse, but we seem to be getting it all in. Penny kept going out in the garage while we loaded. She was acting like we were going without her. She sure is a dependent little dog. We can't go anywhere without her wanting to go. It seems like she wants to be with one or both of us all the time.
A very rare specimen of dogwood. 
As I said on my last post, we still haven't heard anything from UDOT in regards to them taking the other house. We were originally told 6 weeks, which got changed to 8 weeks. It now has been almost 3 months and we decided to leave for Yuma even if I heard anything from them today. When they make their offer, we still have 30 days to accept or reject, so if we hear from them, we are prepared to come back to Riverton. Hopefully is doesn't take them 4 years like it did for our friends.

The weather report shows about 100 in Yuma, but we both feel like we need to get away from all the commotion, even if it is for a short time.

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Getting Ready to Go Party

Riverton, Utah      High 81 Low 49

Today was warm, but it has cooled off and there is a lot of wind and lightning now. Tomorrow is forecast to be a lot cooler.

Since we plan on being in Yuma for Christmas, Cindy decided to have a Mexican party yesterday. After the party she gave everyone their Christmas presents.

We had lots of good Mexican style food: tacos, enchiladas, refried beans, and black beans, along with guacamole. It was very good and if you left hungry, it was your own fault. Devon filled his plate at least 3 times.
Slayter, the second from the left, thinks he wants to go to culinary school and become a chef.

Here is Devon on his second plate. He is the second from the right.

Taylor is the little guy sitting down on the left.

Chris was supposed to work, but got the day off, Here he is filling his plate.
Cindy had wrapped all the presents, with the exception of Teesa's, our oldest grand-daughter, which was too big, so we had a treasure hunt for her. It seemed like it was fun for her and the kids following her. She likes to make jewelry from beads and got two boxes of them. She seemed happy to get them after all the running around on her treasure hunt. she did get somewhat frustrated on some of the clues and needed my help.

After the presents were unwrapped Taylor, who is six, Told Cindy that it was the best Mexican, Thanksgiving, Christmas party he had ever been to.

Cindy's Mom and sister, Linda, even made it. Her Mom seems to be doing a little better but is still quite weak and needed help going up the stairs into our home. We had all of Cindy's family here, with the exception of Scott and Daniel who live in Phoenix. We plan on seeing them while we are in Yuma.

We still haven't heard anything from UDOT about the house and probably will have to come back once we do hear from them.

I have been busy quilting a lot and we seem to be running out of backs. We might have to go back to Maine and visit Marden's next summer for more of their low priced fabric (as if Cindy doesn't have enough).

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Change of Plans

Riverton, Utah    High 61 Low 43

The weather here really took a change from the almost too warm to what feels quite cold to me. It has rained for two days. The snow level on the mountains is down a long way and a lot of the leaves have turned color.

We have been waiting on word from the Utah Department of Transportation on what they are going to offer for a home we own on a road that is being widened.. They are taking all of our property along with 130 other pieces of property on the east side of the road to widen it from the current 2 lanes to 5. It is a rental for us and we wanted to replace it with something else and we were told that we should hear from them in about 6 weeks from when the appraisers were out. It now has been 8 weeks and as we have still not heard anything, we decided to make plans to head to Yuma.

We were over visiting our friends Eddie and Barbara a few days ago and they went through the same thing a few years ago. They told us that from when they found out UDOT was taking their property to when it actually happened was 4 years and their advice was not to wait for them. I guess government agencies work at their own time frame without regard to the property owners.

So we have decided to leave in 2 weeks and if we have to come back, then so be it. Cindy and I are both ready to leave for warmer climates. It might still be a little warm in Yuma but we will get used to it.

In the mean time all the peaches, pears, and apricots have been picked and bottled or frozen. We have a lot of grapes, which we will juice next week.  The tomatoes only gave us enough to eat and we had to buy some for Cindy to bottle.

We have been working on quilts and Cindy has sewn some and I have quilted them. She has made 4 since we have been home. She plans on taking the baby quilts with us and she is deciding whether to give a class on making them in the park this winter.

The following are some of what she has been working on:

The back of the first quilt. She said she just used scraps on the whole quilt.
 Another scrappy quilt with a little different pattern for the blocks. She can't stand to throw any small pieces away and this is the result.

 One of the baby quilts with a flannel back.
 This is the other baby quilt. The pin wheels  on both are 3-D.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Quilt Show and The Awful Four Letter Word

Riverton, Utah        High 70 Low 46

Today was a lot more pleasant with a high of only 70. This afternoon it got windy and cool. Last night we had some rain and we can see snow on the tops of the mountains by us. I was ready for some cooler days, but I’m not ready for the awful four letter word. Why aren’t we in Yuma? Because it’s still way too hot there. I looked and the prediction is still for 106 degrees.

Cindy got some pictures of me installing a faucet on our secondary water system so she wouldn’t have to use culinary water for the yard. We’ve been in our home for 15 years and why install the faucet now, you might ask. It was because the city turned off the secondary water for 2 weeks and things got mighty dry. I haven’t seen the water bill yet, but using culinary water instead of secondary will probably be kind of high.

Cindy also took some pictures of two of the quilts we finished. The first is called Oh My Gosh and the blocks start out as one inch strips, and then are made into 2 inch squares, some with 9 patches. The picture with the quarter isn’t very clear, but you can get the idea of how small the pieces are.

This is a king size quilt in Christmas colors.
The second quilt was a kit we picked up in Alaska and has what looks like a scene from Alaska. I used a lot of different colors quilting it with different patterns for each section.

I played with the log cabins, even quilting a door knob on it.
Today we drove to the Springville Art Museum to see a quilt show they had there. There were a lot of nice quilts and Cindy took lots of pictures. I put some of the ones I liked best on this post.

This quilt was made in memory of a little girl that died using her clothes for the blocks.

I think this was best in show.

This next quilt is for all RVers.
This movable water feature is in the lobby of the Art Museum.

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