Saturday, January 21, 2017

Windy in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona       High 65 Low 45

While it is windy and rainy in Yuma it sure beats a high of 35 and low of 24 in Salt Lake City. Not to mention 4 days of the awful 4 letter word (snow) predicted there.

We went to the Arizona Market the other day to get guess what. Yep, more fabric (you can never have too much fabric). While we were there we saw Nancy Kissick and Patty Chance in the quilt store. It is nice to meet fellow bloggers. Nancy told us she would come to see us in the afternoon and when she showed up, Cindy got a chance to show off some of her new quilts, both finished and unfinished.We hope to see them again. Next time, maybe with her dog. Penny likes everybody and spent some time with Nancy.

I have been going on bike rides around the Park with a group of bikers. we try to ride all the way around the Park 3 times, which is about 3 miles. It is usually held 3 nights a week unless the weather is too bad.
Penny has gone with me some of the time. She seems very content in her dog bag.

I also have been playing shuffle board 3 or 4 times per week. Cindy has been going to a card making/ scrapbook thing on Tuesdays. Her quilt group on Wednesday has been growing with more ladies coming. She stays really busy while we are here.

I also take penny to the small dog park most afternoons. Today there were at least 17 small dogs (with all the running around it is hard to count accurately. We all call it Yappy Hour for all the dogs.

Today we went to a genealogy seminar. There was a lot of information given on how to find out about your ancestors. It took all of the morning and part of the afternoon. We left Penny home and one of our neighbors came in to take care of her. I guess he took her over to his place for some of the time. She keeps wanting to go play with their dog anyway, so she stayed out of trouble.

Cindy's sister, Linda, told us she was going to get a lift put on her motor home so their mother will be able to get in and out easier and to travel again and we have agreed to go with her on some travels this coming summer. She will take her motor home and we will take our 5th wheel. She would like us along in case she needs help with their mother. We haven't decided where we are going for sure, but we would like to make it to Canada while the exchange rate is still favorable.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Enjoying Yuma

Yuma, Arizona      High 69 Low 49

The weather here has been nice, but rain (which didn't happen) was predicted for 2 days this past week. It has been quite cloudy though. At least we are not home in Utah. The high today was 30 With a low of 19 and snow (the awful 4 letter word) predicted for 5 of the next 7 days.

I got back from California after going to Ken's wake. There wasn't a service but rather a lot of his old baseball friends talked some and then toasted him. There was a large turnout.

I did get some pictures of my kids and grand-kids, but first one picture I got on the way back to Yuma. The traffic was awful and it sprinkled a little. While I was stopped, I got a picture of this double rainbow.
The next picture is of my grand-daughter Vivian. She is Nick and Susie's little girl. She is 10 months old and starting to walk. She seemed like a happy baby.
Then I got a picture of my kids. They were all there to support Sabrina. From what I can tell, she is having a hard time with Ken's death. She did talk to an attorney and he said he thought she had a very good case against the hospital and was willing to take the case.
The last picture is of my oldest daughter, Andrea and 4 of her 5 kids.
It was good to have them all together but I wish it had been
for a better reason.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Some Sad News

Yuma, Arizona        High 69 Low 59

Yesterday we drove to Phoenix to see Cindy's son Scott. We had a good visit and then went to Mulqueen's fabric store to get some thread for my quilting machine and some embroidery thread for Cindy. It was a long but uneventiful day.

I was sorry to hear about Rod Ivers Passing. He and his wife Loyce were nice people and we considered him to be one of our friends. I know that he missed Loyce, but now they are together again.

I stayed in Los Angeles until last Friday and after visiting with my daughter Sabrina and stopping in to see Ken, I decided to come home to Yuma. When I was there it didn't look good for Ken.

On Monday they had another Doctor look at him and Sabrina was told there was about a million to one chance of any change. There had been three different tests done that showed no brain activity. So today the decision was made to unhook him from the machines tonight. A little while ago I got a text saying that he had passed quietly. I know my daughter is probably heart-broken from talking to her.

Ken Higdon was the manager for the Angel's baseball team for a long time. He and Sabrina both worked for them for a while and that is how they met. I got to meet a lot of his old baseball buddies while I was at the hospital.

I was told that the funeral will be either Saturday or Sunday and I plan on driving back to California.

I hope you and your's are doing well.
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Hard Times

Arcadia, California         High 76 Low 54

Why am I in California? My son-in-law Ken, that lives in Sandpoint, Idaho, came to have back surgery in California. The surgery he had a year ago didn't go quite far enough and he has been in pain ever since. This time they went in and fused some bones.

After surgery he seemed to be doing OK, but about 4 hours later he quit breathing and his heart stopped. No one knows for sure how long it was, but could have been up to 15 minutes before they got him going again.

He was unresponsive except for his breathing and heart. From what my daughter-in-law told me, he was having some kind of seizure and the decision was made to induce coma and put him into hypothermia. Susie told me that there is a larger chance for recovery if this is done.

They lowered his body temperature for about 24 hours and then slowly raise it back up. He should have been back to normal temperature at about 3:00 this morning.
then then take hime off the medications which takes a while before they know anything.

Once he comes out of the coma they will do testing to see if his brain is OK. It may not be until tomorrow until they really know anything.

I felt like I should be here for support for my daughter, Sabrina.

Hopefully there is a good outcome from all this. Right now everyone is just waiting.

It is nice to have a son and daughter-in-law that are both doctors so we get a little more information. (Nick and Susie) I did get to meet my grand daughter, Vivian. She is quite the cutie.

I plan on staying until maybe Saturday to see if there's anything I do for Sabrina.

Getting here, I was reaffirmed of why I hate driving in California. My GPS had my arrival time at approximately the time it told me at first until I got about 30 miles from here. Then all the traffic got so bad that I lost 25 minutes going the last 30 miles. And all this was at 1:00 in the afternoon. I wonder what it would have been like during "rush hour" and I'm only on the outskirts of LA.

Anyway, I hope you are having a better time than I.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Christmas Behind Us

Yuma, Arizona        High 59 Low 45

It was cooler today with the wind blowing. We remembered from last year that this was the coldest time of the year.

We went to a Park wide dinner yesterday. The Park furnished the turkeys and gravy just like Thanksgiving. There were twelve tables with 20 seats each. The people at each table furnished all the sides for their table. We had a good meal and as usual ate too much.

Cindy started to take down our Christmas decorations today but won't get really serious until this week end. She did take a picture of me by our Christmas tree here in Yuma.

I started the day out playing shuffle board while Cindy spent her morning sewing.

This afternoon we drove over to the Pilot Knob RV Park to see George and Susie. We spent a while talking to them. Penny started out sitting on Susie's lap and then went down to a dog chair. George told us that there are several couples in the same Park from their home Park in Ottawa. They plan on leaving next Tuesday (after New Year) and boon docking for a while. Perhaps we will see them again in Quartzsite at the Bloggerfest the last of January.

We need to make a trip to Phoenix and are not absolutely sure when we will do so. We have some presents for Cindy's son Scott. She also needs some embroidery thread and I am low on quilting thread in some colors so we will visit our favorite quilt store while we are in Phoenix.

We are both staying busy and enjoying being away from the colder weather. Even though it felt cool today, it is still better than in Utah.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wishing Everyone a Merry Christmas

Yuma, Arizona      High 68 Low 56

Although the temperature isn't too bad, the wind blew most of the day and to us (Yes, I know we are boobs) it felt cold. I'm sure glad I'm not where it really is cold. It started raining at about 7:00 tonight and is supposed to rain until sometime in the morning. It rained a little one day last week and one of the locals told me it was a 2 inch storm, two inches between drops. It was just enough to get all the cars dirty. The rain now looks to be a little more.

We had Santa in the park and then had a pet parade. Most of the dogs were dressed up to be in Christmas costumes. Penny, on the other hand, doesn't like to be dressed up and so I carried her in her bag. The only time I put her down, she walked about 25 feet and then put on the brakes and acted afraid of the carts and so I put her back in her bag and just walked the rest of the way in the parade.

This is before Penny's hair cut.

She feels safe and secure in her bag.

This picture was taken by Nephi on our way home. It has snowed a lot since then.
Yesterday Penny went to the groomers and got a hair cut. Now she doesn't have to look through hair to see. Everyone that saw her told me she looks smaller than before and lots cuter. I have to add that she's not very spoiled (yes she is a lot spoiled) but when she looks up at me those big eyes, I just can't resist.
After her hair cut.
Cindy has been busy making another quilt. She also spent today making Christmas cookies. We have a Christmas pot luck in the Park and she says she will probably spend Saturday getting ready for it.

I finally got all through with the dentist until March and I'm glad I don't have to go back for a while.

We got our bikes going, but I had to replace one of my tubes. When I inspected the tire, I found a large thorn in it. Hopefully there aren't any others.

The time here seems to be flying by. Probably because there is so much to do in this Park. Lately I have been able to play Shuffle board 4 mornings a week.

I take Penny to Yappy Hour most days and she has a good time running and playing with the other small dogs.

Here's wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope everyone get's what they want for Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nice Day

Yuma, Arizona

We are really enjoying the weather here. Today it got to 80 degrees. I know all you in the north feel sorry for us that it only got to 80, but oh well. It is getting clear down to 55. We had to laugh at the TV weather person from Phoenix the other day. He told the viewers it would get down to about 42 and they should be careful and take all their pets inside. Salt Lake City is supposed to get down to 14 later in the week, so we are really glad to be in Yuma instead of Utah.

This Park still has a lot going on. Cindy has been working with the pottery, while I have been playing shuffle board. I still take Penny to the small dog Park most days so she can play with all her friends at Yappy Hour. Today there were 11 dogs, so we are getting a few more. One couple was bring their dog to the Park, but almost decided not to, when about five of the dogs barked at their dog. We assured them that it was only the greeting committee and that everything would be OK. After everyone smelled the new dog, they were all playing together in just a few minutes.

There are quite a few Christmas decorations up and I will have to put some pictures on a future post.

Monday we had our monthly pot-luck dinner. It is really easy to over eat, everything tastes so good.

In our Park there is trash pickup two day a week and I have volunteered to help on Thursdays.

We got our bike going and have started riding them. I have found out how out of shape my behind is, but hope it gets tougher.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season, Thanks for visiting.

PS: if you get to Yuma, please look us up.