Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Meeting New Friends

Riverton, Utah    High 83 Low 63

It was a little cooler today and we got a few rain drops. The air looks polluted and I guess from a fire somewhere.

We drove into Salt Lake City for lunch with fellow bloggers, Mike and Sandy Mills of Phannie and Mae. We found them to be a friendly and easy to like couple. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and we all seemed to like our lunch. After lunch we stayed and talked for a while. We have found most bloggers that we  meet are just friends we haven't yet met.

We talked about some of our travels and compared notes.

Mike said they plan on being in Arizona this winter and we hope to be able to get together there.

I had read some of their problems while they we in Indiana and Mike reiterated some of them.

We were there at the same time they were but were so busy with Cindy's Mom that I didn't contact them to get together.

We went to Orem to see her Sunday and she seemed to be doing OK. Linda told us that she will be going home from the Rehab facility in a week and a half so I guess the doctors think she is OK also.

We had ADT out yesterday to get our alarm system going and what they thought would be a 4 hour job ended up taking him 9 hours. At least he was persistent. The major problem seemed to be the original wiring to the key pads. It took him a long time to figure it out. Now we are protected again and I got the new app for my phone.

Cindy has been busy working on making quilts and I have been busy doing quilting.

I hope every one out there is doing alright.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Staying Busy

Riverton, Utah       High 91 Low 67

It was a little cooler today (it was up to 101). 91 feels a lot better than 101.

We have been really busy since we got home. Cindy has been very busy digging weeds. I have finished one quilt and nearly a second one. She is also working on more quilts for me to do.

All this and lots of other things have kept us busy. I still need to get the truck worked on and the Pontiac is due for emissions and inspection so we can get the new registration for the coming year.

Our home owners insurance ran out in May and I wasn't notified so I had to get the insurance re-instated. They offered a big discount if we had a security monitor. We used to have one working but our home got hit by lightning 10 years ago and it ruined the security system along with a lot of other electrical devices and we never got the system going or monitored again.

Anyway we had ADT come out and looked things over and they are coming out next Monday to get the system going again. And I get a new app for my phone (just what I need, one more app). The discount was worth it though.

Linda called tonight and said their Mom was retaining fluid again and has gained water weight again. We will see how that goes.

Heather and the kids went to a family reunion and will be gone until sometime Sunday. It is kind of quiet without my little shadow.

Penny is getting very shaggy and the earliest we could get her a hair cut was next Thursday.

I guess we will stay busy for the time being.

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

We Made It Home

Riverton, Utah           High 92 Low 66

We made it home yesterday after driving from Rawlins but I was too tired to post last night.

We had another uneventful drive and everyone arrived safe and sound.

Cindy's Mom got check in to the rehab in Orem and Linda told me she was happy to be there. Linda didn't know how long she would be there.

We started to unload last night and pretty much finished today. It is hot here but the humidity isn't near as bad and the mid-west. the phone showed 21% humidity instead of the 85% we were getting in Indiana.

The kids seem to be happy that we are home and Taylor is my shadow again. He wants to help me when he is really too little but I let him try.

We have a lot to do so we both will stay busy.

Thanks for visiting.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Red Desert Rose Campground

Red Desert Rose Campground
Rawlins, Wyoming         High 82 Low 54

Yes, we are back in the desert: warm in the daytime and cool at night. The elevation here in Rawlins is a little over 6800 feet. This is quite a raise in elevation from the 800 feet we were at for the last month.

We are at the Red Desert Rose Campground. It is a basic RV Park with 50 amp electric and full hook-ups but the sites are a bit close but are adequate for one night. They even have a courtesy vehicle if you need to go into town. All sites and roads are gravel with no grass and few trees but what do I expect in a desert?

Cindy’s Mom was doing OK after her episode yesterday. To answer Ricks question on comments yesterday, yes she has been checked for sleep apnea. Linda told me that when she was checked she was having up to 60 episodes an hour and that is the reason she has a CPAP machine. I think what the EMTs did was put oxygen with her CPAP and it only took a few minutes to see a remarkable change.

We had a lot of wind through Nebraska but it settled down once we got to Wyoming.  We got to what is known as the Lincoln Rest Stop before Laramie and got a few pictures. The elevation there was 8800 feet which seemed like a lot for Cindy’s Mom but Linda said she seemed OK.

I'm guessing the height at 30+ feet for the monument.

When I went over this afternoon to help her with her puzzle, I found that she was nearly finished with it and seemed to be OK. We all will be glad to get back to Utah. It is a little over 300 miles to home from here. We should be home by mid-afternoon.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

In Nebraska

Sidney, Nebraska             High 80 Low 60

Yesterday we drove from Des Moines, Iowa to Grand Island. The day was hot! It got up to 95 degrees and with the humidity it felt like 112 (this came from TV). The Interstate in Iowa was one of the roughest I have driven on. Whoever built it sure failed smooth highway building 101. After we got to Nebraska the highway improved but still was a bit rough.

We drove to Grand Island and stayed at the Hall County RV Park. It is $20.00 for an electric only site but it sure is a nice Park. There are only 19 sites but all are concrete with lots of space between sites. We got to see some wild turkeys as we drove in and Cindy managed to get a picture of them later. Sorry the picture didn't turn out too good because she was shooting into the sun and the turkeys were going into the woods.

Here I am setting up.

Old church we cold see from the RV Park.
Today we drove to Sidney and are staying at Cabela's RV Park. This Park has 27 Pull through sites and 4 back in sites with full hook-ups including cable. They also have some electric only sites. The Wi-Fi even works in our RV. The normal charge is $30.00 but if you apply for a Cabela's VISA they give you a free night. The only thing if you plan on staying here, get here early in the day. They don't take reservations And right now it is 6:00 PM and the Park is almost full.

We had a scare this afternoon after we got set up. Linda came over and told us the their Mom had really low blood oxygen. I suggested she try the oxygen bottle instead of the machine but that didn't seem to help. So she called 911 and they sent out the para-medics and they checked things out. At first nothing seemed to help so they put her on a CPAP machine and the oxygen number returned to normal. The technician called The ER and they suggested bring her in and checking her over so that's what they did. Linda called from the Hospital and told us they weren't going to keep her because she seemed to be OK. So right now the plan is to continue toward home.

We will be in Wyoming tomorrow.

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Monday, July 24, 2017

We Are Back in Iowa

Grimes, Iowa         High 83 Low 67

We drove to Grimes, Iowa to Cutty's Des Moines Camping Club, the same Park we were in in early June. We are here with Coast to Coast again.

We had an uneventful drive with cool weather most of the way but this afternoon it warmed up and got hot with all the humidity.

My Mother-in-law isn't doing the best so we are only staying here for one night. We will drive into Nebraska tomorrow. From now till home we plan on doing over-night stops. It will still be Friday before we are back to Utah if we don't have any more glitches. We are trying to stay at about 275 to 300 miles per day.

Last night I was able to get some pictures of the two fawns. I don't know how old they are but they are covered with spots. They visited the large lawn area behind us every evening. They seemed kind of skittish and ran off as soon as they saw me.

Their mother was already into the trees by the time I got this picture.
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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Some Sight Seeing

 Sublette, Illinois             High 83 Low 69

It was a nice day today but the predicted rain hit last night. We saw the county we are in on TV with severe thunder showers warnings. It rained most of the night although I didn’t feel the wind.

This morning as we went through the Park there were lots of limbs down and close to us a tree had fallen and was blocking the road. There was a crew working on cutting it up and opening the road.

We have seen lots of deer in the open place behind us. I tried to take a picture of them last evening but the camera lens fogged up so quickly that I wasn’t able to get a clear picture.

We went for a drive in the country side and found a few places that were worth a picture. One was a barn with a large quilt block on the side. Cindy liked the field of corn and how it looked with the barn in the background.
Another picture we took was of an old silo that had been remodeled into part of a home. It made for an interesting picture.
One lot in this Park had a lot of logs with smiley faces on the end. We thought someone was very creative.

We went over to see Linda and my Mother-in-law at their lot. They are in the same Park we are in. My GPS said that they were 1.2 miles from us (as the crow fly’s) but 2.1 miles if the crow has to drive there in our truck. I believe this is probably almost the biggest RV Park we have stayed in with the exception of one in Texas. In it we were 5 miles from the entrance and it went on for a lot further.

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