Sunday, January 19, 2020

Canada Day Parade and Lunch With Fellow Bloggers

Yuma, Arizona        High 73 Low 51

It seems like it is getting a little warmer every day.

Yesterday there was a parade for the Canadians in our Park. There sure were a lot of golf carts decorated for the parade. There were banners for every Canadian Provence. I got some picture of most of them (somehow I seemed to missed British Columbia and the Northwest Territories).

 After the parade We picked up Mike and Sandy Mills,fellow bloggers that are staying in our Park, and took them to a little outdoor Mexican place on the South Frontage Road for shrimp tacos. We think they are as good as the one we have had in Algodones and we don't have to go to Mexico to get them. Also the prices seem reasonable. Tuesday we have invited them to our home for a happy hour. While we drove there we pointed out two more of our favorite restaurants, The Chicken (formerly Chicken on the Run) and the Eatery both on the South Frontage Road. Thursday the Chicken has a chicken and rib buffet, and Friday the Eatery has a fish and fries buffet. Both are good but the fish one is probably our favorite.

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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Nancy Is Getting Ready to Head to Vale

Yuma, Arizona                   High 71 Low 46

This morning started out on the cold side. When I first checked it was nearly 10:00 and was still down to 48 degrees. Later the sun came out and it was a lot nicer.

As for the pattern I mentioned the other day, Cindy and Nancy went shopping at the Arizona Market while I had to work for the Park. I volunteer for garage pickup on Thursdays.

This afternoon Cindy, Nancy and I went to Panda Express for dinner. It was good as usual. Tomorrow Nancy leaves to go to her home in Vale which she says is about a five hour drive.We were glad for the time we got to spend with her while she was here.

George Yates' wife Suzie posted that George had passed away. I was sorry to hear about it and about his illness. Every time we met him he was always upbeat and smiling. I am sure he will be missed.

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Monday, January 13, 2020

Our Friend Made It and Potluck

Yuma, Arizona        High 68 Low 43

Yesterday I got a text from Nancy Kissack telling me that she thought she would be here at our Park at 2:30. I rode my bike up to the front gate at that time and there she was waiting for the security guard to escort her to her lot. I have watched the security people guide people into their lots and I wouldn't trust most of them, so I guided her into her spot.

Nancy came over to our home after she got settled and we showed her some of our improvements and she saw some of Cindy's quilts.

Here is Penny checking out Nancy. I'm sure she is smelling Nancy's dogs.

Today they went to the local Quilt store. I'm not sure what Cindy bought but she did buy some more fabric. I was busy helping our neighbor, Ron put down pavers on his driveway so I didn't go.

Late this afternoon there was a potluck dinner for the owners here in the Park. As usual, the food was excellent and we had a good time visiting with others at our table.

Tomorrow I have a shuffle board league here in our Park, so Nancy and Cindy are going to Algodones without me. Do you see the Pattern here, Nancy and Cindy going off together while I work or look after our Parks shuffle board league? lol

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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Another Quilt Show

Yuma, Arizona               High 68 Low 41

I spent some time helping our neighbor Ron move gravel from his parking place so he could install pavers. He wanted to borrow some of ours that we have stacked up by our shed. He told me he couldn't find them, so I made some signs to tease him showing where they were.

With these signs, he had no problem finding them.

We went to The annual Yuma Quilt show. As usual there were lots of nice quilts and lots of vendors. Cindy found some quilts that she wanted patterns for and one of them she found the pattern for the lace cabins in a bargain place put on by the local Quilt Guild, so she was happy.

This is one of the ones Cindy wanted a pattern for but the vendor wouldn't sell anything but a kit, so I found it on eBay and have it coming next week.

This is the one she found the patterns for in the Quilt Guild store.

I liked the quilting on this one.

This sign tells a lot.

This was from a Bob Ross tribute collection of small quilts.

There were a lot of people there as usual. 

We decided to move the water faucet by our shed and this afternoon Ron helped me move it to make it nicer for Cindy to use. 

We also had a lot of sand that has drifted into our rocks over the years. We got a good start sifting the sand out of the stones. Part of the metal fence we had installed three years ago got covered by the sand and with the hard water we have here, the whole bottom on the section of fence corroded away and will have to be rebuilt. We decided to make it into a gate instead of a fixed panel. 

We are both staying busy.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

We Had a Happy News Year Eve

Yuma, Arizona        High 66 Low 44

We finally had a nice day today after the cold days we have had.  But I guess cold is relative, back home in Utah they have had 17 degree days With snow today and for the next 3 days.

Last evening we went with a lot of our friends from the Park to one of the local Casinos for New Years Eve Dinner. We had a total of thirteen of us.

We got home about 10:30 last night. Yes, I know, we are real party animals.

We put our Christmas lights and tree away this morning be fore I left for most of the day.

I played shuffle board until about noon today with some other die hard players then came home and helped some of our neighbors take down Christmas and I looked at another neighbors heat pump, which didn't seem to be working.

I hope each of you has a Happy New Year.

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Thursday, December 26, 2019

We Had a Merry Christmas

Yuma, Arizona        High 56 Low 43

It was cold today and we got what, for here, was quite a bit of rain.

Yesterday the Park put on another dinner but we decided to have our own get together with some of our neighbors.

There were supposed to be 8 people but one couple had to go to Phoenix to get our friend Sharon an emergency gall bladder removal. The hospital here told here that the only doctor that could do the surgery wasn't available until some time in February but her pain got so bad that they drove to the Mayo clinic in Phoenix where they determined that it was bad enough that she couldn't wait for the operation. Hopefully all is going well with her. They are back in Yuma, but she hasn't accepted visitors yet.

Our get together started at 4:00 with appetizers after which we sat around visiting until almost 6:00 when we had dinner.

There was lots of food and everyone got to take home leftovers.

We stayed visiting until after 9:00 So it was a long visit. Also during the evening another couple came to visit.

We held the dinner at our house because we have the most room.

I have another picture of the grand-kids reading the night before Christmas while covered with a embroidered quilt with the story of The Night Before Christmas, which Cindy made several years ago.

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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Santa and Pet Parade

Yuma, Arizona          High 67 Low 54

We had a parade through some of the Park. Other Years it has been a Christmas Pet Parade but this year they called it A Christmas Parade.

There weren't near as many participants in this parade as our night time light Parade. The night Parade we went on all the streets in the Park while the daytime Parade only went about half way.

We had a horse drawn buggy with Santa as a passenger.

Cindy and Penny got their picture taken with Santa before the Parade started.

We got a lot of pictures and they follow:

 If you look carefully, you can see penny on Cindy's lap.
 Through the Parade Cindy and I we driving one of our neighbors golf cart throwing candy kisses and small candy canes.

The parade was small and short, but we still had fun.

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