Wednesday, January 16, 2019

And Then She Was Gone

Yuma, Arizona  High 69 Low 51

Today started out very foggy. It reminded me of our time on the Oregon coast. But I guess after all the rain yesterday, what did I expect (it never rains in Yuma?).

Cindy and Nancy went to Algodones yesterday. It must have been some kind of record, they went there, got their meds, and were back within an hour. They told me that there was no one in front of them coming through customs.

After they came back, they went to Grandma Jo's and bought a little fabric and patterns.

Today, Nancy left for Quartzsite. After that she is headed for Tucson. It was nice to see her again and we were glad she was able to stay in our driveway. She and Cindy seemed to enjoy each others company.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Visitor and Fun Day

Yuma, Arizona              High 68 Low 54

Yesterday afternoon we had a visitor come and see us. Nancy Kissack drove over from Indio, California where she has been attending the FMCA Rally. She has her big Motor home parked in our driveway. She kind of is heading toward Tucson, with stops in Quartzsite and Casa Grande.

Nancy will be with us until Wednesday morning.

Today I took her to shuffle board with me, where Dave taught her to play. She ended up with a good score which wasn't too bad for the first time to play.

After they first game she left and took Cindy to the local quilt store, Grandma Jo's. They each bought some fabric.

Tomorrow they are going to Algodones for meds and to see if Cindy can get needles for her insulin shots. I will be busy with a shuffle board league so I won't be going with them.

Tonight we had a pot luck dinner which we took Nancy to. There was lots of good food and lots of good desserts. We did get to visit for a little while first.

Nancy was playing around with our friend Sharron.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Quilt Show and Sunset

Yuma, Arizona          High 65 Low 48

The weather has been very nice even with the small amount of rain we got.

The annual Quilt Show in Yuma was held this weekend and of coarse we had to go. While it isn't the biggest show we have been to, they still had some nice quilts. To enter the participants have to belong to the local quilt guild.

We got lots of pictures of the different quilts. I have only included a small portion of them,

Great quilting.

These bears claws are way bigger than they look in this picture.

I like the 3D look of this one.

Very nice quilting.

This one was made from the selvage edges. Cindy likes to make quilts from scraps, but I hope she doesn't decide to go this far.

There were many more. The show seemed to be well attended. We ran into several people from our Park that had gone to see all the quilts.

While we were checking out the vendors, we found one that had material for $3.95 a yard if you bought the whole bolt. Yes we found some we had to have. They had almost 15 yards on the bolts, so almost 30 yards later, we quit buying. Same question, can you ever have too much fabric? For us, I guess not.

Last night we had a beautiful Arizona sunset, just enough clouds to make it look like the sky was on fire.

Penny and I on our front patio.
Today we had a visitor, but I will talk about that in my next post.

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Monday, January 7, 2019

Birthday Party and Dinner Out

Yuma, Arizona           High 65 Low 46

We had some rain over the weekend and it was kind of cold. This morning it looked like we got a little more rain overnight but the day turned into a nice warm day.

Friday evening we had our first concert here at the Park. It was an Everly Brothers Tribute. The singers were very good as was their band. The auditorium looked full to me, but I have been told that another concert will have even more spectators.

Saturday we were invited to a birthday party for one of our friends here in the Park. Her name is Lilly and she is quite the character. She says she likes her privacy, but you sure can't tell from her actions. She is always goofing off and seems to be having a good time.

Cindy having a good time.

This is Lilly, the birthday girl.

Last evening we were invited to an outdoor dinner with a group of friends from the Park. I don't know all of them but we were the only Americans there, all the rest were Canadians. I play shuffle board with some of them and we have been to quilting with some of the other ladies. The food was sure good with a lot of variety. Some of the group have Romanian ancestors and there were several different types of cabbage rolls. I am not a big fan of cabbage but the turkey, potatoes and gravy, and dressing more than made up for it.

We are still enjoying our time here with lots going on.

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