Friday, June 14, 2013

Talkeetna, Alaska Day 42, June 13, 2013

 There are so many pictures today, that I am going to let most of them speak for themselves.

 Today we left Riley Creek Campground at about 9:15. The day was a beautiful Sunny day. We followed the Nenanana River for quite a way. The mountains were very prominent and the air was clear.
Where is the moose?

We got to see one moose, but it ran into the forest so fast, that I only got one where’s the moose picture.

We came to the North Mt. McKinley view point. We had glimpses of it on our drive, but nothing like the turn out. Absolutely no clouds were in the sky or on the mountain. For about the next 75 miles there were places where we could see the mountain very clearly. I have included many pictures of the mountain.

There were lots of motor homes and 5ers on the road today.

Cindy also took many pictures of flowers on our way to Talkeetna. We finally made it to town, and went to find the place we were told by Day’s End we could boondock by the river. Cindy went into the motel by the lot, and was very rudely told that he owned the property, and no, we could not park there. Cindy was about ready to go back to a parking lot we had seen at the start of the road to Talkeetna, but we decided to park on one of the roads and walk to see some of the town. We went into a building that said information, but he was really trying to sell Tours and plane rides. He told us we could park on any of the streets except Main Street. He suggested we park by the ball field. As it turned out, we were almost to the ball field where we had stopped. Some of the cars that were parked there earlier had left, so I was able to get completely off the road, and here we are for the night.

Cindy and I thought this pick-up limo was interesting. I had internet and just had to play with the phone.

 The information man had also suggested we drive up to The Talkeetna Lodge, where they had an exceptional view of Mt McKinley, so we did, and he was right. The view was worth seeing. We got a lot more pictures of the mountain.

Enlarged log cabin.

Inside the grocery store.

In the town, we found a store that had fabric that was unique to Alaska. They had one that looked like the Northern Lights, and yes, we bought 1/2 yard of it. The good thing was that the prices for fabric are the same as home.

We drove 100 miles today, and with all the photo stops, it only took 6 hours. LOL

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