Monday, June 17, 2013

Anchorage, Alaska Day 45, June 16, 2013

This morning I went to church. The weather has been great, and everyone from here comments on how warm it has been. We are glad for all the nice weather.

This afternoon we decided to go see the Cook Inlet. After we found our way to a view point, we also got to see downtown Anchorage from a distance. It looked like one freighter moored nearby to downtown. Off in the distance we could see another ship coming into port.

The tide was down, and there was a lot of exposed beach.

The walking path at Quake Park.

Looking across Cook Inlet.

We were near to the airport, and one plane flew over us taking off, and we couldn't resist getting some pictures of it. Cindy wanted to find where the sea planes were.

As we left the view point, by Earthquake Park, we happened to see a moose next to the airport fence. Cindy managed to get one picture of her standing up, but she soon lay down in a hole. After that all we could see was her head, but Cindy got some good pictures of her face. This is our first animal sighting for a while.

Here she is, just watching us.

We still didn't know where to go to see the sea planes, so we stopped at a gas station, and got some directions to Lake Hood, where all the sea planes land and are tied up. There were a lot of them parked, but we did get to see two of them land, and Cindy got some good shots of them.

Almost touchdown.

Very smooth landing.

On his way to dock.

Cindy has been busy trying to finish up a quilt, and worked on it till about 9:00.

That’s about it for the day. Thanks for visiting, and for your comments. 

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