Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Day 30

Salcha, Alaska     Saturday June 1, 2013


After we wrote yesterday’s post, we walked down to the campground and looked at a large chicken on a small hill. By it is a sign pointing to different places in the world relating to chickens, with the mileage. The last board on the sign says all mileage is as the chicken flies. We both thought it was pretty funny.

This morning we left chicken at about 8:30. The Taylor Highway has some good spots and some really bad. It was mostly good driving, but at one spot there were frost heaves and potholes. I guess the highway repair people ran out of asphalt repair material, because one large pothole had a piece of orange ribbon sticking out of it to warn motorists. It was right in the center of the road. I guess whatever works. We went past many miles of burned forest. I wouldn't even guess how large it was, but had to cover a lot of square miles.

Almost to Tok, I finally got cell service.

We finally made it to the Alaska Highway, and felt like we had made it to Interstate 15. The road was that much better. On the way to Tok, there was a lot of flooding. One of the campgrounds said it was open, but you had to drive through a small stream to get to it. We stopped at the Visitor Center, and the lady was very helpful. We have the Alaska tour book and there was one coupon at All Alaskan Gifts for ¼ pound of fudge, with no purchase necessary. So we have got our start on using the book.

At Dot Lake, There was this old church. There was a swan eating on the lake that caught Cindy's eye. It was very close to the shoe, I guess feeding off the bottom.

Inside of the old Church.
Lots of seagull on the lake.

We stopped for samples at this store.

 We left Tok, and stopped at the visitor Center at Delta Junction. We commented on how warm it is, (75). She said a week ago they had a blizzard, and the weather today is like July 4th.  We took our pictures with the mosquito statues. We also took our pictures by the End of the Alaska Highway sign. There was a farmers market going on across the street from the Visitor Center, but it must be too early in the season, because the only thing related to farming was some plants for sell. There were different booths selling jewelry, books, and knives. As we were leaving Delta Junction, we could see smoke from a forest fire, which seemed to get larger as we traveled north.

We decided to try to make it to North Pole, even though it was getting late in the day. We saw the Alaska pipeline on the way, going over the river. We stopped at a place called The Knotty Shop. They give one ice cream cone with the Milepost book, so I got my ice cream fix for the day. We had talked about asking if we could stay in their parking lot. Cindy got talking to a couple, who noticed our Utah plates. We found out they were familiar with the Salt Lake City area. He invited us to stay at his place for the night, so that’s where we are. There are still many frost heaves like the one below.

These are at the Knotty Shop.

Our boondocking spot for the night.

I think this is in Tok.

Since stopping at the Delta Junction Visitor Center, and making fun of the mosquitoes, we have been bit and swarmed. It doesn't pay to make fun of the mosquitoes.

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  1. This post was worth reading if for no other reason, your last statement about mosquitoes. Funny!