Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anchorage, Alaska Day 44, June 15, 2013

It was still a nice day in Anchorage. This morning we went downtown to stop a quilt store, and the Information Center. The quilt store had some templates of a bear, a moose, and an evergreen. Cindy needed them for the Alaska quilt she is going to make. The lady told us about three other quilt stores in the area, which we visited this afternoon.

We went to the Information Center next. They told us the Market place was open today, and we went over to see it. It was a flea market with lots of food and crafts for sale. We didn’t see anything that we were interested in, so we left.

These were not wildflowers. they are outside the Visitor Center.

We were headed to see the other quilt stores, when Cindy saw the Anchorage Museum. It had a coupon in the Tour Saver Book, so we decided to go see it. The top floor had photos of early aviation in Alaska. The next floor had a plane on display. This floor went into more of the history of the bush pilots. It talked about the first airline in Alaska, which started in 1924. There were also displays about the bush pilots during World War 2. This floor was the most interesting to me.  There was even a display case that had a paper that was printed when Wiley Post and Will Rogers crashed and died at Point Barrow. The last floor had many displays about the native people in Alaska. There were several videos telling different aspects of the native’s lives. Cindy found this floor the most interesting. It was interesting enough, that I would recommend that if you have time it’s worth a visit.

Old snowmobile.

one of the native costumes.

Sad, but true. LOL

After lunch we went to the other 3 quilt stores. They were further south and all were fairly close together (within a mile of each other). One had a quilt we both liked and the workmanship was perfect. We asked about a kit, but the lady told us the materials were about 2 years old, and there was no kits, or patterns. I guess it saved us some money. LOL One of the ladies in one of the quilt stores mention how nice it was to have summer, without cold or rain.

Cindy liked this twister, but again no pattern.

We both liked this quilt. The colors in person are very nice and the workmanship is excellent.

After the quilt stores, we wanted to go see the Turnagain Arm south of Anchorage. There is a lot of beautiful scenery that we probably wouldn’t have got to see if we were pulling the trailer. As it was there was an old train snow thrower on display that I didn’t see in time going out, so we had to stop on the way back. At one of the turn outs, we could see where the tide would be if it were high tide. It must have been low tide, because there was almost 15 feet difference in where the water was and where it had been.

I don't know if you can read the sign, but it was quite informative about the snow plow.

This gives you some idea about how far the tide has receded. 

Cindy got lots of pictures of wild flowers and I have included several on this post. That was it for the day.

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  1. Ray, I'm fairly certain we will never make it to Alaska, so we are enjoying it thru your pictures and descriptions... I have grabbed you picture of the big mountain and I am using it as my desktop picture.... Many folks never get to see the top, so your picture is quite special... Rod

  2. I'm no quilter, but I think an Alaska quilt will be filled with memories for you two. Don't forget to include a fire weed block. :)