Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 36 North Pole, Alaska June 7, 2013

Today we move to the Riverview RV Park. It was a rest/cleaning day. We drove about 12 miles from Wal-Mart. We wanted full hookups before we go to Denali tomorrow. I’m pretty sure we will not have internet, so will have to post again when we get it back. We spent some time today to clean the truck and trailer. We also got our laundry done.  


This must be an Alaska thing. Sign we saw in Wal-Mart.

With all the sightseeing, we have driven almost 4500 miles since we left home. We have bought $1758.00 worth of diesel and spent $384.00 in camp ground fees. We have stayed in campgrounds about 20 days. Some of the 20 days were with Coast to Coast and one night was Passport America. The solar works well enough, that we haven’t had to run the generator even once. The freezer was one of my main concerns, but it only draws 7 amps with the inverter on. It has been able to keep the food frozen. The batteries have got down to 12.3 a few days before we turned off the inverter, but most days have stayed at 12.5.

Cindy got some sewing in, and I got caught up on reading blogs.

We are having a great time and recommend it to everyone. Today was one of the days we just had to have a down day. We are headed to the Denali campground that is in 29 miles, so will have a long driving day although not that many miles.

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  1. You two needed a down day. You have been going out it daily. Nice to just sit and reflect on the trip so far. Safe travels.